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Zilog's (primary) microcontroller families, in chronological order:

  • Older:
    • Zilog Z8 - 8-bit Harvard architecture ROM / EPROM / OTP microcontroller with on-chip SRAM.
    • Zilog Z180 - Z80 based microcontroller; on-chip peripherals; external memory; 1 MB address space.
  • Newer:
    • Zilog eZ8 - Better pipelined Z8 (2–3 times as clock cycle efficient as original Z8) with on-chip flash memory and SRAM.
    • Zilog eZ80 - Fast 8/16/24-bit Z80 (3–4 times as cycle efficient as original Z80) with flash, SRAM, peripherals; linear addressing of 16 MB.
    • Zilog Z16 - Fast 8/16/32-bit CPU with compact object code; 16 MB (4 GB possible) addressing range; flash, SRAM, peripherals, on chip.

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