List of Cocaine Analogues

List Of Cocaine Analogues

This is a list of cocaine analogues. A cocaine analogue retains 3β-benzoyloxy or similar functionality unlike phenyltropanes. Cocaine analogues proper consist of the nine following classes of compounds:

  • stereoisomers of cocaine
  • 3β-phenyl ring substituted analogues
  • 2β-substituted analogues
  • N-modified analogues of cocaine
  • 3β-carbamoyl analogues
  • 3β-alkyl-3-benzyl tropanes
  • 6/7-substituted cocaines
  • 6-alkyl-3-benzyl tropanes
  • piperidine homologues of cocaine

The term may also be loosely used to refer to drugs manufactured from cocaine or having their basis as a total synthesis of cocaine, but modified to alter their effect & QSAR. These include both intracellular sodium channel blocker anesthetics and phenyltropane stimulant dopamine reuptake inhibitor ligands (such as certain piperidines). Many of the stimulant created analogues are of a class of C-2 substituted benzoyloxytropanes.

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