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Claymore character
First appearance Manga Scene 5, anime Scene 03
Voiced by Christopher R. Sabat (en),
Kazuma Horie (ja)
Original name ガーク Gāku
Affiliation City of Rabona
Technique Sword, spear
Status Alive

Galk is an leader in the Rabona guards, and friend of Sid. He is the older and wiser of the two. A tall muscular man with short hair, he usually wears a suit of armor.

Galk first appears intercepting Clare, after her meeting with Father Vincent. Together with Sid, they fight Clare, who escapes.

Clare saves the lives of Galk and Sid, but is severely wounded herself. After the first Yoma battle, Galk carries a Clare to Vincent's quarters.

After recovering, Clare again fights the Yoma. Galk traps the Yoma's claws in his armor, giving Clare an opening to attack. Clare kills the Yoma, but begins to awaken herself. Before Galk can behead Clare, Raki helps revert Clare to normal.

Galk reappears after the 7-year Timeskip, when Miata and Clarice come to Rabona to kill Galatea. During the 3-way fight between the Claymore warriors and Agatha, Galk leads attacks against Agatha.

After Agatha's death, Galk and Sid, during a celebration party, reveal that Raki had come to Rabona looking for Clare.

After Miria's attack on Organization Headquarters, Yoma and Awakened Beings invade Rabona. Galk and the guards, together with the Claymore warriors, repel the invasion.

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