List of Celestials

List Of Celestials

This is a list of Celestials members, a group of fictional characters that appear in the Marvel Comics Universe. They are enigmatic cosmic entities of extreme power.

Read more about List Of Celestials:  Arishem The Judge, Ashema The Listener, The Blue Celestial, Devron The Experimenter, The Dreaming Celestial, Ea The Wise, Eson The Searcher, Exitar The Exterminator, Gamiel The Manipulator, Gammenon The Gatherer, Hargen The Measurer, Jemiah The Analyzer, Nezarr The Calculator, The One Above All, Oneg The Prober, The Red Celestial, The Red/Blue Judge, Scathan The Approver, Tefral The Surveyor, Ziran The Tester

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