List of CAx Companies - Existing CAx Software Companies

Existing CAx Software Companies

Companies currently in existence and their products
Company name Annual
Product name Product CAx type Additional comments
G4 Solutions CAD / CAM / NX CAD/CAM/CAE G4 Solutions provides complete design solutions for customized mechanical design applications in project design, drafting, 2D to 3DModeling.
12d Solutions 12d Model CAD With its own purpose built engine known for quick processing & the ability to import and export files to most major packages. 12d Model is an integrated, 3D string based, civil engineering & surveying software package
4M IDEA Architectural CAD Vertical CAD Application for 3D BIM Architectural Design
FINE MEP CAD Vertical CAD Application for 3D BIM Mechanical Design, Electrical Design & Plumbing Design
ACERI, S.A. Electrical Designer CAD Software for electrical design and engineering. Electrical CAD software
Elecworks CAD Software for design of automation projects. Electrical CAD software
Adaptive Technologies Adaptive CAD - 2D/3D Package, CAD Software for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Design
Alibre Inc. Alibre Design CAD Mechanical design, engineering and manufacturing applications
Altinex Inc. AVSnap CAD Audio visual system design, GUI design, Control Logic design, terminal emulation, Remote support platform
ARTAS - Engineering Software SAM CAD Mechanism design, motion/force analysis and optimization
ASHAMPOO Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture CAD Design family homes, shopping malls, high-rise buildings, or just a simple apartment; interactively, in a realistic 3D world
Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional CAD Meets the total requirements of architects, construction engineers, draftsmen and craftsmen.
Ashlar-Vellum Argon
AUCOTEC AG Engineering Base Electrical CAD/CAE Its solutions range from flow diagrams via process control and electrical engineering for large-scale plants to modular harness design in the automotive industry. The tool achieves the interconnection of corporate processes with its cooperation platform. It works object-oriented and database-driven.
ELCAD Electrical CAD/CAE A complete solution for planning, construction, operation and maintenance of electrical plants from various industrial sectors.
RUPLAN Electrical CAD/CAE Industry-Sector-Specific- Solutions for the Power and Automotive Industry
AUCOPLAN Electrical CAD/CAE Consistent Solution for Instrumentation Engineering and Electrical Control Design
RACOS EL Electrical CAD/CAE Production Integration in Cabinet Layout
Autodesk $2,172M AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop CAD
Mechanical Desktop CAD
Autodesk Inventor CAD
3ds Max
Autodesk VIZ
Revit Originally of Revit Technology Corporation
Alias StudioTools CAID Originally by Alias Systems Corporation
Simulation CFD CAE Originally by Blue Ridge Numerics - CFdesign - Upfront CFD
AutoDesSys form•Z (RenderZone Plus) CAD 3D CAD general purpose modeler (and photorealistic renderer)
AutoForm AutoForm CAE Sheet metal forming die design and simulation solutions
AVEVA Marine
Bentley Systems MicroStation CAD
Bricsys BricsCAD / Bricscad CAD CAD software and development platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with 2D tools and 3D direct modeling on Windows and Linux
CADENAS CADENAS eCATALOGsolution CAD CAD-System To Build Electronic Product Catalogs for Mechanical Market
CADENAS AECsolutions CAD CAD-System To Build Electronic Product Catalogs for Architecture Market
CADENAS PARTcommunity CAD CAD-Community and Portal to provide Free 3D CAD Models
CADENAS PARTserver CAD CAD-Portal to provide Free 3D CAD Models
CADENAS PARTsolutions CAD CAD-Part Management System to provide 3D Models and connect to ERP+PLM
CADMAI CADMAI CAD CADMAI is a CAD framework which can either be used as a standalone CAD application or as an integration module for 3rd party applications or SOA environments
CadLine ARCHline.XP Architecture CAD Building Information Modeler with solid modeling, design new buildings, surveying and reconstruction works.
ARCHline.XP Interior CAD 3D model, quantity take-offs, photo-realistic rendering and 3D movies. Tailored specifically for interior designers.
CAD Schroer MPDS4 Plant Design and Factory Layout
MEDUSA4 CAD Design automation suite for mechanical, plant, construction and automotive engineering
MEDUSA4 Personal CAD Free 2D/3D CAD application with Sheet Metal Design and raster image editing modules for Windows and Linux CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, Red Hat, SuSE and Ubuntu
MEDEA CAD MEDUSA Electrical Application
CADprofi GmbH CADprofi Architectural CAD Parametric CAD-application facilitating architectural project design.
CADprofi Electrical CAD Parametric CAD-application facilitating the design of complex electrical, light and telecommunications installations and more.
CADprofi HVAC & Piping CAD Parametric CAD-application for design technical building equipment. All installation kinds will be supported, i.e. heating, ventilation, air conditioning, piping and ducting.
CADprofi Mechanical CAD Parametric CAD-application facilitating the 2D design of mechanical and engineering projects.
Cadsoft Corporation Envisioneer
Cadsoft Build
APDesign AutoCAD add-on
CCTVCAD Software VideoCAD CAD CCTV system design software
Celeritive VoluMill CAM High speed machining toolpath engine that runs embedded in other systems or as a standalone
Chief Architect Inc. Chief Architect Premier CAD Residential Design Software
Cimatron CimatronE CAD/CAM Integrated CAD/CAM solution for mold and die makers and manufacturers of discrete parts, providing associativity across the manufacturing process. Applications include: mold design, electrode design, die design, 2.5 to 5-axis NC programming, and 5-axis discrete part production.
CNC Software/Mastercam Mastercam CAD/CAM Mastercam delivers CAD/CAM software tools for all types of programming, from the most basic to the extremely complex. 2-axis machining, multiaxis milling and turning, wire EDM, router applications, free-form artistic modeling and cutting, 3D design, drafting, surface and solid modeling.
Collier Research Corporation HyperSizer CAE Composite materials structural design
Concepts Technology Ltd. DraftBoard CAD series CAD General purpose 2D CAD f. Mac OS and Windows
CoreTech System Moldex3D Project CAE
Moldex3D eDesign CAE
Moldex3D eXplorer CAE
Cornerstone Intelligent Software XMD Expert Mold Designer CAD Computer-aided Mold Design
IGES Toolbox IGES & STEP files viewer and analyzer
CSoft Development Model Studio CS CAD Plant design system & Powerlines design and calculate
Project Studio CS CAD AEC design system - architecture, concrete, steel
MechaniCS CAD Mechanical design
SPDS GraphiCS CAD AEC design
TDMS PDM/PLM Technical data management system with full support of business process of engineering companies.
TechnologyCS PDM/PLM System for support the basic business processes such as design and technological preparation, production planning, maintenance of production units with the necessary resources (materials, tools, accessories, etc.), operational management of production (including directly to the shops and on the site), process control and expenditure of resources, quality management and maintenance of manufactured products.
EnergyCS CAD Software for calculations of generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power systems.
AutomatiCS CAD Software for design of instrumentations systems.
GeoniCS CAD Solution for engineering geology and geodesy, and civil design.
Dassault Systemes $1,100M CATIA CAD/CAE/CAM
Cosmos/M CAE Originally of SRAC
DesignStar CAE Originally of SRAC
CosmosWorks CAE Originally of SRAC
SolidWorks CAD Originally of SolidWorks Corporation
ACIS 3D Modeler Kernel Originally of Spatial Corp.
Euclid-IS CAD Originally of Matra DataVision
STRIM CAD Originally of Matra DataVision
ENOVIA SmarTeam PDM Originally of Smart Solutions
MatrixOne PDM
DELMIA MPM Originally of Deneb Robotics Inc.
ABAQUS CAE Originally of HKS, Inc.
DataCAD LLC DataCAD CAD Architectural CAD program, designed by and for Architects
Data Design System ASA DDS-CAD CAD Building services/MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing)
DataSolid CADdy++ Mechanical Design CAD Parametric CAD, solid modeling, dimensional constraints and photo-realistic rendering
CADdy++ basic CAD Entry level 2D and 3D CAD, solid modeling and rendering
CADdy classic CAD Entry level 2D CAD, originally of ZIEGLER-Informatics
CADdy++ Eventmanagement CAD 2D and 3D Event Management System
Delcam DUCT
FeatureCAM CAM
DEM Solutions EDEM CAE Discrete Element Modeling software platform for simulation of the operation of bulk materials handling and processing equipment. Highly extensible and customizable enabling simulation of a wide range of bulk particle processes. Couples with other CAE programs enabling multi-physics simulation of particle-fluid, particle-structure and particle-emag processes.
EDEM BulkSim CAE Engineering design and analysis of mining bulk materials handling equipment - powered by the EDEM engine.
DAKO WorldCAT family CAD WorldCAT is a family of CAD programs including interfaces to many other CAD programs, an own model kernel and a special file format (WID). WorldCAT is mainly for mechanical engineering.
DDS Building Innovation AS DDS-CAD Architect & Construction CAD Timber frame construction
DInsight KernelCAD CAD Development Framework for CAD/CAM enabled applications. Geometric algorithms
Donya Labs Simplygon CAD Remeshing processing CAD into realtime renderable mesh
DP Technology ESPRIT CAM ESPRIT is a family of CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software products for programming CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools.
DpS CAD-center ApS PCschematic ELautomation CAE Electrical CAD software
PCschematic Electronics CAE CAD software for electronics
PCschematic PowerDistribution CAE For documentation of LV installations
PCschematic Tele CAE For documentation of Tele and Computer installations
Encole Encole - Mechanical Engineering Collective CAE Process observation OEM catalog components with CAD download models.
Engineered Software PowerCADD CAD
EPLAN Software & Service EPLAN Electric P8 E-CAD/CAE Software for electrical project planning and engineering
EPLAN Fluid E-CAD/CAE Software for fluid engineering
EPLAN PPE E-CAD/CAE Software for measurement and control technology
EPLAN Cabinet E-CAD/CAE Software for cabinet design
ERCII e-NC CAM e-NC is an easy and low cost CAM product for milling and lathe.
Exa Corp. PowerFLOW CAE Computational fluid dynamics
e-Xstream engineering DIGIMAT CAE Software platform for the nonlinear multi-scale modeling of composite materials and structures
Fast AG GraphiteOne CAD
FastCAD FastCAD v6.5 & v7 CAD High Speed, minimal install drafting package
FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS GmbH FRIENDSHIP-Framework CAE simulation-driven design, partially and fully parametric modeling, tool integration (CAD, CFD), automated optimization, systematic variation, advanced visualization techniques
JVSG IP Video System Design Tool CAD Easy and low cost CAD software for CCTV and video surveillance systems.
Gehry Technologies Digital Project
Version R2 Based on CATIA
General CADD Products, Inc. General CADD Pro Low Cost 2-D CAD Generic CADD for Windows
Geometric Technologies, Inc. CAMWorks CAM CNC programming for 2-to-5 axis milling, 2-4 axis turning, multi-tasking, and wire-EDM
Gibbs and Associates GibbsCAM CAM CNC programming for 2-to-5 axis milling, 2-4 axis turning, multi-tasking, and wire-EDM
Google SketchUp CAD Designed to be easier to use than other 3D CAD programs
GO2cam International GO2dental CAM CAM software for dental labs: high quality machining of crowns, bridges, abutments, removable partials,...
GO2proto CAM CAM software dedicated to prototyping
GO2cam CAD/CAM CAM for workshops
GrabCAD GrabCAD CAD Free online CAD models library and engineering community.
Graebert GmbH ARES CAD Highly compatible, multi-platform 2D-/3D-CAD; Additional applications & modules; OEM Kernel; Native formats: .dwg, .dxf, .dwf, .flx
GRAITEC GRAITEC Advance (Advance Steel, Advance Concrete, Advance Design) CAD / CAE Analysis and design solution for the construction engineering field, steel / concrete modeling and detailing
Graphisoft ArchiCAD
Graphisoft Constructor
Graphisoft Estimator
Graphisoft Change Manager
GStarsoft GstarCAD CAD platform CAD software and applications
HBXL PlansXpress CAD CAD software for builders, developers and tradesmen.
Holistic City
Streetscape Pro CAD A simple, free tool for creating street sections.
CityCAD CAD A Parametric City Information Modelling tool for Urban Designers and Planners.
IGE+XAO Group $19M SEE Electrical Electrical CAD For small to medium businesses—manufacturing
SEE Electrical Expert Electrical CAD For large businesses—manufacturing
SEE Electrical Harness Electrical CAD Electrical Harnesses Design
IMSI/Design TurboCAD Professional CAD Parametric CAD, solid modeling, dimensional constraints and photo-realistic rendering available in Standard, Architectural, Mechanical and Platinum Editions
TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D CAD Value priced 2D and 3D CAD, surface modeling and realistic rendering for both Windows and Mac
TurboCAD Designer 2D CAD Value priced 2D CAD for Windows and Mac
DesignCAD 3D Max CAD Entry level 2D and 3D CAD, surface modeling and rendering
DesignCAD Express CAD Entry level 2D CAD
Informatix MicroGDS
Intelitek spectraCAD Engraver CAD Educational CAD system
spectraCAM Turning CAM Educational CAM system
spectraCAM Milling CAM Educational CAM system
Interfacial Interfacial CAD
Intergraph GeoMedia
Integrated Engineering Software VisualAnalysis CAD General Purpose 3D Modeling and Analysis Suite for Structural Engineers. Model and apply Load Cases to Trusses, Frames (Beam and Column), Walls and Slabs, Retaining Walls, Footings and Foundations.
ShapeBuilder CAD Calculates basic section properties for plane areas like; area, moment of inertia, section modulus, stress analysis, effective property calculations, composite properties, reinforced concrete capacity analysis, and more.
VisualFoundation CAD Design complex mat footings (slabs on grade). Automates work involved in finite element modeling. Checks that footing demand/capacity ratios (unity checks) pass for IBC 2006/ACI 318-05 and provides steel requirements for slab.
AnalysisGroup CAD Analysis of six common engineering project types; Shear Walls and Shear Wall Systems, Continuous Beams, Beams on Elastic Foundation (Grade Beams), Rectangular Plates (Slabs, Walls,etc.), Rectangular Mat Footings, Circular Tanks.
IronCAD LLC IRONCAD CAD 3D solid modeling design tool with both direct geometric editing and history based design and 2D drawing creation
INOVATE CAD 3D conceptual product design tool
IRONCAD DRAFT CAD 2D mechanical drafting and 3D file viewing
COMPOSE CAD 3D file viewer and configuration design tool
ICON Quote System CAD 2D and 3D CAD, surface modeling and realistic texture mapping (DirectX/OpenGL) and GDI rendering.3D Modeler, Design, Engineering and Detailing of Metal Buildings
ISD Software und Systeme GmbH HiCAD CAD
ITB Paul Schneider ASi-Profile CAD Inventor add-on for mechanical engineering, constructional steelworking, plant construction
Jidea JCAD Tabula CAD Easy to use general purpose 2D CAD
Knowledge Base AllyCAD CAD Civil, Mechanical, Surveying, Structural and Architectural design
KollabNet, Inc. SolidMap CAD Add-on for SolidWorks 2009 that provides new and innovative ways to view the interdependencies that are created between entities within SolidWorks.
Kubotek Corporation KeyCreator CAD 3D Direct CAD
Analysis CAE FEA integrated within KeyCreator
Machinist CAM NC utilities integrated within KeyCreator
Validation Tool 3D model-to-model validation
Spectrum 3D CAD Viewer
DENTAL SHAPER CAD Import and Modelling files from different Dental CAD
DRILLMATRIX CAM Automatized Multidrilling
ELECTRODEX CAD Create Electrodes
RAVE CAD RAster to VEctor image
RHINONC CAM CAM integrated in Rhinoceros 3D
SERCOM PC <-> CNC Transmission
SHOT CAD CAD for shoe's maker
Lattice Semiconductor ispLever CAD FPGA design
Lectra Modaris CAD Textile and Soft Goods Industry (Apparel, Leather, Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, Technical Textiles)
Kaledo CAD
Diamino CAD
DesignConcept CAD
Fashion PLM PDM
Vector CAM
GraphicPilot CAM
LinObject OpenPLM PDM/PLM PLM framework which support STEP standard
MacroVision Ltd Eagle Eye Framework/Kernel 2D/3D graphics applications
Malz++Kassner GmbH CAD6 Studio Formerly CAD/DRAW 4 Level 2
Manusoft Technologies Pte Ltd IMOLD CAMD Computer-aided Mold Design and Assembly System
MasterShip Software MasterShip CAD/CAM AutoCAD based 3D CAD/CAM system for the design and production of ships and yachts
McNeel Rhinoceros 3D CAD NURBS based modelling software
MecSoft Corporation VisualMILL CAD/CAM
VisualMILL-for-SolidWorks CAM
Metalix CAD/CAM Ltd. cncKad CAD/CAM cncKad is the Complete CAD/CAM Solution for the Sheet metal manufacturing; features 2D & 3D design, Automatic Nesting, NC Generation, Graphic Simulation and Machine Communication (DNC).
Metamation MetaCAM CAM Sheet metal
MicroTech StellaData AB CamModul CAD/CAM CAD/CAM software for 2-to-3 axis milling, 2-3 axis turning and wire-EDM
CamModul3D CAM CAM programming for 2-to-3 axis milling
TrigFix-32 CAM CNC programming for 2 axis milling, 2 axis turning and 2 axis wire-EDM
Missler Software (TopSolid) TopSolid'Design CAD
TopSolid'Mold CAD
TopSolid'Wood CAD
TopSolid'Cam CAM
TopSolid'Pdm PDM
MMTechnologies MMTechnologies CAD/CADD Services and Products related to CAD Drafting and Detailing
MachineWorks CAM Verification software
Module Works 5AxCore CAM Software libraries
MSC Software $300M MSC Nastran CAE
MSC Patran CAE
MTC Software, A Hypertherm Brand ProNest CAM Advanced level nesting software
TurboNest CAM Intermediate level nesting software
Design2fab CAM HVAC layout software
GeoPoint CAM Turret punch software
NAPA NAPA] CAE marine industry software
NAPA Steel Ships and offshore modelling
NC Graphics Toolmaker
machining STRATEGIST Until June 2002
NEi Software NEi Nastran CAE Finite Element Analysis tool
NEi Works CAE NEi Nastran embedded within SolidWorks
NEi Fusion CAE combines parasolid geometry engine with NEi Nastran solvers
NEi Explicit CAE parallel explicit solver integrated within NEi Nastran
NEi Fluid Dynamics CAE advanced fluid dynamics analysis add-on for Femap
NEi Thermal Basic CAE add-on module for linear and nonlinear, steady-state and transient heat transfer processes
NEi Thermal Advanced CAE add-on module for advanced heat transfer capabilities in addition to those found in NEi Thermal Basic
NEi Fatigue CAE dynamic loading conditions add-on for Femap
NEi Aeroelasticity CAE advanced aeroelastic design and analysis
NEi Optimization CAE design optimization through a GUI along with gradient-based and response surface optimization algorithms
NEi Motion CAE virtual testing and verification of mechanical systems
Nemetschek Allplan BIM CAD
Vectorworks CAD Formerly MiniCAD
Nobel Systems Inc. DataWorks CAD/GIS CAD & GIS Solutions
Open CASCADE SAS Open CASCADE Kernel Originally of Matra DataVision
SALOME CAD/CAE Generic platform for Pre and Post-Processing for numerical simulation
Open Mind Software hyperMILL CAM
Optimal Programs Cut 2D X CAD Automation component for generating cutting or nesting layouts for two dimensional sheets and parts
Cutting Optimization Pro CAD Software for generating nesting plans for rectangular (2D) and linear (1D) materials.
OptiTex PDS CAD Pattern Design
Marker CAD Textile Marker Making
3D Runway CAM Fabric simulation system
Modulate CAD Made-To-Measure pattern creation
Parametric Technology Corporation $1,000M Pro/ENGINEER CAD
CADDS 5i CAD Originally of Computervision
Pro/DESKTOP CAD Originally Designwave of Computervision
Pro/Concept CAID Originally called 3D Paint
Pro/Designer CAID Originally called CDRS
Windchill PDM
Granite Kernel
ProductView (Division)
CoCreate OneSpace Modeling 2007 CAD Originally called SolidDesigner
CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition 2.0 CAD Free Explicit Modeling Software
CoCreate OneSpace Drafting 2007 CAD 2D Drafting, originally called ME10
CoCreate CPD For Internet-based collaboration
CoCreate Model Manager 2007 PDM Originally called WorkManager
Planit Edgecam CAM Originally of Pathtrace
Alphacam CAM Originally of Licom
Plataine CAM Web-based, pay-per-use, marker making (nesting) optimization engine and data conversion service
NESTER CAM marker making (nesting) optimization for the apparel and composites industries
Polytropon PolyPattern Design CAD Apparel pattern construction and grading.
PolyPattern Marker CAD/CAM Apparel marker making (nesting).
PolyPattern AutoMarker CAD/CAM Automatic generation of optimal markers (nesting) for the apparel industry.
PolyPattern M2M CAD Made-To-Measure pattern generation from body measurements..
PolyOrganize PDM Workflow driven product data management system for the fashion and apparel industries.
Punch! Software Home Design CAD Home, architecture, landscape, and interior design software
Shark CAD Professional modeling, drafting, and presentation
ViaCAD CAD Consumer level CAD software
QARM Pty Ltd OneCNC CAM/CAD Milling, Lathe, Wire EDM, Profiling
QikDraw Systems QikDraw Professional
QikQuote Shed, Verandahs, etc.
QikLink V Graphical Documentation & Presentation system
QikDraw V3D House Package
QDElect Electrical Package (electrical drawings)
Radica Software Electra Electrical CAD/CAE Software for electrical schematic design and engineering based on Microsoft Visio.
Red Cedar Technology HEEDS CAE Design optimization and process automation software.
EuroPlexus CAE
BOSS_Quattro CAE
Schott Systeme GmbH Pictures by PC CAD/CAM/Technical Illustration/Rendering/Animation Software for 2D/3D CAD construction, 3D conceptual modelling and mould tool design, 2.5D through to 5 axis milling and engraving, turning, wire cutting, technical documentation including illustration, graphic design, rendering and animation
Sescoi WorkNC CAM Automatic CAM for 2, 2.5, 3, 3+2 and 5-axis machining
WorkNC-CAD CAD Manufacturing CAD software used by toolmakers in their technical departments
WorkNC Dental CAM CAD/CAM dental software for automatic 3 to 5-axis machining of prosthetic appliances, implants or dental structures
WorkXPlore 3D CAD viewer High-speed collaborative viewer for analyzing and sharing 2D and 3D CAD files without having to rely on the original CAD application.
Siemens PLM Software
(Formerly UGS Corp, Unigraphics Solutions)
NX Nastran CAE
Solid Edge CAD
Parasolid Kernel
Femap CAE
EMS CAD Originally of Intergraph
BRAVO CAD Originally of Applicon
I-DEAS CAD Originally of SDRC
NX I-deas CAD Transition product from I-DEAS to NX
Teamcenter PDM
Tecnomatix MPM
Sigma Design Arris CAD
Builderscad CAD
Shehala IT Limited CAD CAD
SmartCAMcnc SmartCAM CAM Stand-alone, 2-2½ to 3+2 axis milling, turning, wire EDM, and fabrication CAM Software utilizing "Toolpath Modeling"
SoftPlan Systems Inc SoftPlan CAD Residential Design Software
SolidCAM SolidCAM CAM Integrated CAM in Solidworks for iMachining, 2.5D milling, 3D Milling/HSM, High Speed Surface machining HSS, Indexial 4/5 axes milling, Sim. 5 axes milling, Mill-Turn and WireEDM
InventorCAM CAM Integrated CAM in Autodesk Inventor for iMachining, 2.5D milling, 3D Milling/HSM, High Speed Surface machining HSS, Indexial 4/5 axes milling, Sim. 5 axes milling, Mill-Turn and WireEDM
SolutionWare Corporation GeoPath CAD/CAM CNC programming for 2.5 axis milling, turning, 3-D Milling, wire-EDM, auto programming, solid verification, Mazatrol, fabrication, and solids
MazaCAM CAM CNC programming for milling, and turning for a wide range of Mazak machines
PowerCAM CAM CNC programming with direct Mazatrol and/or G-code output from within the SolidWorks interface
SpaceClaim SpaceClaim CAD
Static Free Software The Electric VLSI Design System EDA
StarDraw Audio CAD CAD design for audio equipment and racks plus cable and equipment planning
A/V CAD CAD design for audio/visual equipment and racks plus cable and equipment planning
Lighting 2D CAD CAD design for theatrical lighting design
Sprut Technology Sprutcam CAM
SharpCam Ltd SharpCam CAM CAD/CAM software for 2.5D axis milling
Surfware SurfCAM CAM
Softek RTM CAM
Tebis Tebis CAD/CAM
Technos Astra R-Nesting CAM Astra R-Nesting is sheet nesting software for optimized cutting of particle board, metal, glass etc. and output NC data for CNC cutting machines.
Astra S-Nesting CAM Astra S-Nesting is intended for optimizing true shape nesting, calculation cutting tool path and output NC data for cutting machines.
TES International, LLC. ElectroFlo CAE Thermal Management Analysis for Electronics
ADFlo CAE Thermal & Flow Network Analysis
think3 (Formerly Cad. Lab) ThinkDesign Styling CAD/CAID
ThinkDesign Engineering CAD
thinkPLM PDM
Top Systems T-FLEX CAD CAD 2D and 3D Parametric CAD software
T-FLEX CAM CAM Integrated CAM software
TriTools Partners Visual CADD CAD 2D CADD software
Trace Software elecworks CAD Software for design of automation projects
TraceParts TraceParts CAD Parts Library of standard and suppliers' catalogs for mechanical design, engineering and manufacturing applications. Contains 100+ million part numbers.
Transoft Solutions Inc. AutoTURN CAD AutoCAD / MicroStation add-on for vehicle swept path simulation
Ulusal CAD ve GIS Cozumleri A.S. NetCAD CAD GIS Major Turkish CAD & GIS and Engineering Solutions Company
Upperspace DesignCAD
Ucamco UCAM CAM CAM software suite for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry; inputs Gerber Format
Integr8tor CAM automated CAM software suite for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry; inputs Gerber Format
VariCAD s. r. o. VariCAD CAD CAD software for mechanical engineering
Vero Italia VISI-Series CAD/CAM/CAE
Vertex Systems VERTEX CAD industry-specific CAD software suite for building, machinery and furniture as well as energy & process industries
VERTEX PDM PDM industry-specific PDM/PLM solution for building and machinery industries
Virtual Architecture VA HouseDesigner CAD CAD software
Vispower Technology, Inc. CAD PDM Web-based collaboration application for a wide variety of 3D project environments CAD Web-based simple 3d file sharing app
VX VX CAD CAD Electrical CAD software
Zuken CR5000 CAD Electrical CAD software
Cadstar CAD Electrical CAD software
E3.series E-CAD Electrical and electronics engineering software

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