List of Bus Routes in The Bronx - Former Routes - Discontinued Services

Discontinued Services

Route Terminals Major streets History
Bx6 Westchester Square subway station Throgs Neck
Harding Avenue
Tremont Avenue,
Harding Avenue
Was later merged into the Bx40. This Bx40 branch became the current Bx42 on September 10, 1990.
Bx14 Parkchester
Parkchester subway station
Country Club Metropolitan Avenue, East Tremont Avenue, Westchester Avenue, and Bruckner Boulevard
  • Replaced Pelham Bay Park Line streetcars on August 17, 1940; formerly Bx22
  • Country Club bus began in 1933; formerly Bx22
  • Metropolitan Avenue service was originally Bx5A, later Bx54
  • Former Bx54 segment discontinued in 2010 due to budget crisis, but was restored in January 2011 as Bx4A.
  • Country Club section of route merged into rerouted Bx8 in 2010, but became a new separate route, the Bx24, in January 2011.
Bx19 Fordham
Southern Boulevard-
East 189 Street
Inwood, Manhattan
207th Street – Broadway subway station
Fordham Road,
207 Street
Merged into the Bx12 by the 1970s.
Bx21 Port Morris
East 138 Street-Jackson Avenue
Astoria, Queens
37 Street-
24 Avenue
Triborough Bridge Was the Bronx branch of the TB (along with the M35) until July 1974.
Discontinued on Feb. 18, 1984.
Bx23 Pelham Bay
Buhre Avenue subway station
Throgs Neck
Ellsworth Avenue-
Schley Avenue
Crosby Avenue,
Layton Avenue,
Dean Avenue
Merged into the Bx8 on Sept. 10, 1990.
Bx24 Fordham
Fordham Plaza
Fieldston Road-
West 256 Street
Fordham Road,
Bailey Avenue
Eliminated on September 10, 1995
Bx25 Bedford Park
Paul Avenue and West 205 Street
Co-op City
Earhart Lane
Bedford Park Blvd, Allerton Av, Bartow Blvd Designation discontinued on June 27, 2010 as part of budget crisis. Service still remains on Bx26.
Bx39 Sedgwick Avenue
Bx49 161st Street –
River Avenue subway station
Washington Heights
West 181 Street
Woodycrest Avenue, Nelson Avenue, Anderson Avenue Merged with redundant Bx37 into the current Bx13 on Feb. 18, 1984.
Bx52 Co-op City
Earhart Lane-
Erksine Place
Orchard Beach Baychester Avenue,
Shore Road,
City Island Road
Summer seasonal service (Memorial Day to Labor Day only).
Eliminated on Sept. 10, 1990.
Bx54 Simpson Street subway station Parkchester
Purdy Street-Metropolitan Avenue
Story Avenue,
White Plains Road,
Metropolitan Avenue
introduced January 20, 1964 as the Bx5A to Parkchester IRT station; extended through Parkchester via Metropolitan Avenue in 1969; renumbered Bx54 on June 15, 1974. Route was discontinued Sept. 10, 1990; the Bx14 was rerouted to serve Metropolitan Avenue.
Bx56 "Culture Bus Loop III"

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