List of Bats of Borneo - Bats of Brunei

Bats of Brunei

  • Rousettus amplexicaudatus: unknown localities
  • Rousettus spinalatus: not recorded
  • Pteropus vampyrus: lowland areas
  • Pteropus hypomelanus: no record
  • Cynopterus brachyotis : lowland to 1600m
  • Cynopterus sphinx: no record
  • Cynopterus horsfieldi: no record
  • Penthetor lucasi: lowland
  • Megaerops ecaudatus: unknown localities
  • Megaerops wetmorei: Andulau, Benutan dam-site, Sungai Beruang, Tasek Merimbun and Ulu Temburung.
  • Dycopterus spadiceus: unknown localities
  • Chironax melanocephalus: Ulu Temburong
  • Balionycteris maculata: unknown localities
  • Aethalops alecto: upland areas
  • Eonycteris spelaea: unknown localities
  • Eonycteris major: no record
  • Macroglossus minimus: most areas

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