List of Anglo-Welsh Wars - Sixth Century

Sixth Century

Pagan Anglo-Saxon tribes conquer southern Britain capturing London, Colchester, Silchester, Chichester, Winchester, Grantchester, Leicester, Gloucester, Cirencester, Bath, York, Lincoln and Canterbury among other places. Later in the century Angles defeat the northern Britons and colonize the north eastern coast.

  • c.509 Battle of Natanleod – the West Saxons led by Cerdic defeat the Britons at Netley, Hampshire.
  • 519 Another battle in which Cerdic is victorious. He establishes the Kingdom of Wessex at this point.
  • 527 Battle of Cerdicesleag – the West Saxons led by Cerdic and his son Cynric defeat the Britons.
  • 530 The Britons (Welsh) of the Isle of Wight are conquered by the Anglo-Saxons (Jutes).
  • 538 The Britons of Gododdin are defeated at Din Eidin and forced to retreat inland to Catreath.
  • 547 the Northern Angles led by Ida the Flamebearer capture the fortress of Din Guyaroi from the Britons of the Kingdom of Bryneich.
  • c.550 Presumed date for the fall of Londinium (London) and Camulodunum (Colchester) to the East Saxons.
  • 575 a northern alliance of the Britons led by King Urien of Rheged defeat the Angles of Bernicia and besiege them on Ynys Metcaut for three days.
  • 577 Battle of Deorham where the West Saxons and their allies captured the Welsh fortress at Hinton Hill near Dyrham in modern Gloucestershire. The Welsh of the Severn Valley attempted to retake this strategic location but were defeated with three of their kings killed in the fighting. The West Saxons went on to capture Gloucester, Cirencester and Bath thus separating the "West Welsh" of the South West Peninsular from the Welsh of modern Wales.
  • 580 Battle of Ebrauc where the Angles of Bernicia capture the city of Ebrauc (modern York).
  • 584 Battle of Tintern where the armies of the Kingdom of Gwent, led by Tewdrig and his son Meurig defeated the West Saxons and forced them to retreat from the Gloucester area. Tewdrig was mortally wounded and died three days after the battle.
  • 590 the northern alliance of the Britons is defeated following the assassination of their leader and divisions between the former allies.
  • 598 Battle of Catraeth – the northern Angles led by Æthelfrith destroy the remaining forces of the Britons of Gododdin and Bryneich (Bernicia).

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