List of 10 Metre Air Pistol Records - Women's Final - World Record Progression

World Record Progression

Since introduction of finals in 1986:

Score Shooter Date Comp Place
485.5 Anke Völker (GDR) 1986 WCH Suhl, East Germany
489.0 Jasna Brajković (YUG) 1987 WCH Budapest, Hungary
489.5 Jasna Šekarić (YUG) 1988 OG Seoul, South Korea
New targets from 1989
488.8 Svetlana Smirnova (URS) 1989 ECH Copenhagen, Denmark
492.4 Liselotte Breker (FRG) 1989 WC Zagreb, Yugoslavia
492.7 Jasna Šekarić (YUG) 1996 WCF Näfels, Switzerland
493.0 Svetlana Smirnova (RUS) 1998-05-23 !23 May 1998 WC Munich, Germany
493.5 Ren Jie (CHN) 1999-05-22 !22 May 1999 WC Munich, Germany

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