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Plate Detector (radio) - Overview - Controlling Volume Levels
... are adjusted by a potentiometer (typically 500 kΩ to 2 MΩ audio taper) that controls audio signal levels at the control grid of the A.F ... of the volume control potentiometer (typically 4 kΩ to 15 kΩ linear taper) is as follows The low side of the potentiometer is connected to the antenna connection at the antenna input coil The center wiper is ... include A potentiometer (typically 500 kΩ audio taper) where the high end and center wiper are connected as above, but where the low end is connected to the ...
Riostat - Potentiometer Construction - Resistance–position Relationship: "taper"
... The relationship between slider position and resistance, known as the "taper" or "law", is controlled by the manufacturer ... is possible, but for most purposes linear or logarithmic (aka "audio taper") potentiometers are sufficient ... A letter code may be used to identify which taper is used, but the letter code definitions are not standardized ...
Riostat - Potentiometer Construction - Resistance–position Relationship: "taper" - Linear Taper Potentiometer
... A linear taper potentiometer (linear describes the electrical characteristic of the device, not the geometry of the resistive element) has a resistive element of constant cross-section, resulting in a device ... Linear taper potentiometers are used when the division ratio of the potentiometer must be proportional to the angle of shaft rotation (or slider position), for example, controls used for adjusting the centering of an ...

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