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History Of ITV - 1968-1974
... The review aimed to ensure the ITV system was ready for the impending arrival of colour broadcasting, and also to again allow for the potential start of ITV2, should the Conservatives win any ... about the likely changes suggestions were made of Scottish Television exiting the system, Rediffusion moving to replace Southern and various other wild ideas ... Although there were no job losses in the system - this was an ITA stipulation - people were forced to move from Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds, from London to Cardiff and, perhaps less ...
Orbit - Newton's Laws of Motion
... To this Newtonian approximation, for a system of two point masses or spherical bodies, only influenced by their mutual gravitation (the two-body problem), the ... it is accurate and convenient to describe the motion in a coordinate system that is centered on the heavier body, and we say that the lighter body is in orbit around the heavier ... available, and qualitatively similar to the case of dissimilar masses, by centering the coordinate system on the center of mass of the two ...
Analog High-definition Television System - French 819-line (737i) System
... most countries standardized on a 576i (625-line) television system ... The three exceptions were the British 405-line system, which had already been introduced in 1936, the French 819-line system developed by René Barthélemy, and the American 525-line system ... During the 1940s Barthélemy reached 1015-lines and even 1042-lines ...
Hellyer College - Line System
... Hellyer college uses a time tabling system called lines ... There are six lines to each line students can assign one class ... On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays all six lines are done, Tuesday lines 1,2,3 and Thursday lines 4,5,6 ...
Alexandra Palace - History
... In 1871 work started on a railway line to connect the site to Highgate Station ... Two competing systems, Marconi-EMI's 405-line system and Baird's 240-line system, were installed, each with its own broadcast studio, and were transmitted on alternate weeks ... use jamming German bombers' navigation systems (it is said that only 25% of London raids were effective because of these transmissions) ...

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    Authority is the spiritual dimension of power because it depends upon faith in a system of meaning that decrees the necessity of the hierarchical order and so provides for the unity of imperative control.
    Shoshana Zuboff (b. 1951)

    The line that I am urging as today’s conventional wisdom is not a denial of consciousness. It is often called, with more reason, a repudiation of mind. It is indeed a repudiation of mind as a second substance, over and above body. It can be described less harshly as an identification of mind with some of the faculties, states, and activities of the body. Mental states and events are a special subclass of the states and events of the human or animal body.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)