Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School

Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School is located in the village of Malton in the City of Mississauga, Ontario (part of the Peel District School Board). It is named after the former federal cabinet minister and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Lincoln M. Alexander. Founded in 1968 as Westwood Secondary School, it was renamed in 2000 after it merged with Morning Star Secondary School.

After the merger the school was expanded, creating the present day Geography/Historical Studies wing. This was done in an effort to accommodate more students. The previously vacant spot was where annual school carnivals were held.

The exterior of the school is architecturally almost an exact copy of Erindale Secondary School, while their interiors remain different.

This high school is located on Morning Star Drive near the intersection of Morning Star Dr. and Goreway Dr. Its location is prime because it is central to the small community of Malton making it a convenient walk for everyone. As a result, it is not serviced by school buses except for the disabled. Adjacent to the high school is Malton Public Library with its facilities. Just south of Morning Star Drive along Goreway Drive are Westwood Mall as well as other plazas that have many restaurants. The close proximity to such places has made them popular destinations for students during lunchtime and after school.

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