Limited Express

A limited express is a type of express train service. It refers to an express service that stops at a limited number of stops in comparison to other express services on the same or similar routes.

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Satte Station - Adjacent Stations
... Service » Tobu Nikkō Line Limited Express Spacia no stop Limited Express Shimotsuke no stop Sugito-Takanodai Limited Express Kirifuri Minami-Kurihashi Rapid no stop Section Rapid no ...
Sannomiya Station (JR West) - Station Layout and Design - Train Platforms
... Rapid/Special Rapid Service for Amagasaki, Ōsaka and Kyōto ■Overnight Limited Express "Sunrise Seto/Izumo" for Yokohama and Tōkyō ■Limited ...
Limited Express - United States
... United States in the twentieth century were called "limited", a name that typically graced overnight trains that made very few stops ... day train, in the Pennsylvania Railroad era was called the Congressional Limited Express, and it had few stops, like the longer distance "Limiteds ...
Tokushima Line - Services
... The Tsurugisan limited express provides the bulk of express services on the line from Awa-Ikeda (on the Dosan Line) and Anabuki to Tokushima and Kaifu (on the Mugi ... In the March 2009 timetable revision, a single inbound Muroto limited express was established, providing through service to Kaifu on the Mugi Line ... Due to the length of platforms, train lengths are limited to a maximum of four cars ...
Akita Relay
... The Akita Relay (秋田リレー?) was a limited express train service operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in Japan between March 1996 and ... The Tazawa limited express services that previously linked Morioka with Akita and Aomori were curtailed to run between Akita and Aomori only, and temporary Akita Relay limited express diesel ... These trains featured 2+2 abreast unidirectional limited express style seating identical to the seating used in E217 series EMU Green cars ...

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