Light Syllables

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Koasati Language - Phonology - Syllable Structure
... Koasati has both light (CV, VC, V) and heavy (CVC) syllables ... Consonant clusters occur across syllables but not within ... All monomorphemic Koasati words end in light syllables, while the penultimate syllable can be light but is usually heavy, and it is usually preceded by one or more ...
Sievers' Law in Germanic
... only to create syllabic resonants from nonsyllabics after heavy syllables, but not the other way around after light syllables ... *-iy- becoming nonsyllabic *-y- after light syllables ... of the same suffix with the former following light syllables and the latter, heavy ...
Yupik Languages - Sound System - Prosody - Stress
... and Central Alaskan is generally iambic where stress occurs on the second syllable of each two-syllable metrical foot ... This can be seen in words consisting of light (L) syllables ... Here the parsing of syllables into feet is represented with parentheses (L'L)L qayáni (qa.yá).ni "his own kayak" As can be seen above, the footing of a Yupik word starts from the ...

Famous quotes containing the words syllables and/or light:

    This is the poem of the air,
    Slowly in silent syllables recorded;
    This is the secret of despair,
    Long in its cloudy bosom hoarded,
    Now whispered and revealed
    To wood and field.
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1809–1882)

    Have you ever turned toward an intellectual in a time of authentic anguish and encountered his light appraisal, or evasion, of your grief? Or turned to him in a situation of light import only to be met with a heavy, superfluous solemnity?
    Margaret Anderson (1886–1973)