Leveraged Capital

Some articles on leveraged capital:

Opes Prime - Committal Proceedings
... end, the amount of stock available to Opes Prime and Leveraged Capital, was allegedly double-counted at least 13 times ... that." Smith also allegedly hid from the bank the true financial position of Opes Prime and Leveraged Capital ... He was actually a client of Leveraged Capital and it was from that company that he had sought a return of his securities and not from Opes Prime ...
Opes Prime - Criminal Proceedings - 18 July 2011
... using his position as a director of Leveraged Capital Pty Ltd with the intention of gaining an advantage for Riqueza Holdings Limited or himself contrary to s.184(2)(a) Corporations Act 2001 One charge of recklessly ... "financial engineering" via the Opes Prime balance sheet in breach of ASX Rules to enable Leveraged Capital to continue to operate despite a reduction in its borrowing limit by ANZ Bank ... Shares deposited with Leveraged Capital in exchange for loans were also used via this route to cover the margin position for Opes Prime's largest client, Chris Murphy who had a business ...

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