Leucine-rich Repeat

A leucine-rich repeat (LRR) is a protein structural motif that forms an α/β horseshoe fold. It is composed of repeating 20–30 amino acid stretches that are unusually rich in the hydrophobic amino acid leucine. Typically, each repeat unit has beta strand-turn-alpha helix structure, and the assembled domain, composed of many such repeats, has a horseshoe shape with an interior parallel beta sheet and an exterior array of helices. One face of the beta sheet and one side of the helix array are exposed to solvent and are therefore dominated by hydrophilic residues. The region between the helices and sheets is the protein's hydrophobic core and is tightly sterically packed with leucine residues.

Leucine-rich repeats are frequently involved in the formation of protein–protein interactions.

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... Leucine-rich repeats are often flanked by N-terminal and C-terminal cysteine-rich domains ... to be mainly structural They are fused to the C-terminal end of leucine-rich repeats, significantly stabilising the LRR, and forming a common rigid entity with the LRR ... sulphur cluster is found at the N-terminus of some proteins containing the leucine-rich repeat variant domain (LRV) ...

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