Leu may refer to:

  • Leu, a commune in Dolj County, Romania
  • Leucine, amino acid abbreviated Leu
  • LEU, Low-Enriched Uranium
  • Moldovan leu, the standard of currency in Moldova
  • Romanian leu, the standard of currency in Romania

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Leu, Dolj
... Leu is a commune in Dolj County, Romania with a population of 5,468 people ... It is composed of two villages, Leu and Zănoaga ... Goicea Goiești Grecești Întorsura Ișalnița Izvoare Leu Lipovu Măceșu de Jos Măceșu de Sus Maglavit Malu Mare Mârșani Melinești Mischii Moțăței Murgași Negoi Orodel ...
Hemmental - Leu, Schlatter, Hatt and Mettler Families
... In the year 1483, the name "Schlatter" first appears in Hemmental, followed by those of "Mettler", "Hatt" and "Leu" ... These families dominated in the area ...
Chamkar Leu District - Location
... Reading from the north clockwise, Chamkar Leu shares a border with Kampong Thom Province to the north and the district of Stueng Trang to the east ... To the south of Chamkar Leu are Kampong Siem (south east) and Prey Chhor (south west) districts ... Chamkar Leu shares its western border with Baray District of Kampong Thom province ...
List Of People On Banknotes - Banknotes Out of Circulation - Romania
... Currency Leu (L, 1867–Present) See also Banknotes of the Romanian leu ... fauna and wildlife of the Danube Delta and the Black Sea Leu 200 L obverse 1992–1996 Nicolae Bălcescu 1819–1852 a leader of the Wallachian Revolution of 1848 Leu 100 L obverse 1952–1966 1966 ...
... Leu-enkephalin is an endogenous opioid peptide neurotransmitter with the amino acid sequence Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu that is found naturally in the brains of many animals ... Leu-enkephalin has agonistic actions at both the μ- and δ-opioid receptors, with significantly greater preference for the latter ...