Lepage or LePage or Le Page is a surname that may refer to:

  • Antoine-Simon Le Page du Pratz (1695?-1775), author of a memoir about early 18th century Louisiana
  • Bradford William LePage (1876-1958) Canadian politician
  • Corinne Lepage (born 1951), French politician
  • Ebenezer Le Page character in a novel by GB Edwards
  • Frédéric Lepage French television writer and producer
  • Guy A. Lepage (born 1960), Canadian comedian and producer
  • Henri Lepage (disambiguation)
  • Jean le Page, known as John Pagus
  • Henry Le Page (1792-1854) famous French gunsmith
  • Jean Le Page (1779-1822) famous French gunsmith
  • Jean-François Lepage (1960-) French photographer
  • Jules Bastien-Lepage (1848–1884), French naturalist painter
  • Kevin Lepage (born 1962), American NASCAR driver
  • Octavio Lepage Barreto (born 1923), Venezuelan politician
  • Paul LePage (born 1948), Republican Governor of the U.S. State of Maine
  • Pierre Le Page (1746-1834) famous French gunsmith
  • René Lepage de Sainte-Claire (1656-1718) founder of the town of Rimouski, in Québec, Canada
  • Robert Lepage (born 1957), Canadian playwright, actor, and director, from Québec
  • Royal LePage Canadian real estate brokerage company
  • Victoria LePage (born 1919), Australian spiritual writer
  • Platt-LePage Aircraft Company American aircraft company
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Henri Lepage (economist)
... Henri Lepage (born 21 April 1941) is a French libertarian economist ... Lepage is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society ...
Libby Mitchell - Campaign For Governor
... She faced Republican Paul LePage, and Independent candidates Eliot Cutler, Shawn Moody, and Kevin Scott ... — alluding to the fact that it was still uncertain at that hour whether Cutler or LePage would win the race ... election, the Bangor Daily News declared LePage the winner, carrying 38.1% of the votes ...
Coat Of Arms Of René Lepage De Sainte-Claire
... The coat of arms of René Lepage de Ste-Claire, Lord-founder of the city of Rimouski, province of Quebec, from 1696 until 1718, was first used to identify the family in the seventeenth century, when this ... This domain was conceded to Lepage de Ste-Claire by the Governor of New France, Louis de Buade, comte de Frontenac ... The Lepage shield features a sable (black) eagle and spurred Gules (red) ...
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... Quebec-born Robert Lepage is a playwright and director ... Remembering his childhood, Lepage tells Stephan Bureau children don't move me, they can be mean ...