Legs (Chinese Constellation) - Asterisms


English name Chinese name European constellation Number of stars Represent
Legs Andromeda/Pisces 16 Possibly it is the rear legs or feet of the White Tiger. Alternatively, it was also seen as a wild boar.
Outer Fence 外屏 Pisces 7 A fence to screen off the cesspit of Celestial Pigsty (Tiānhùn)
Celestial Pigsty 天溷 Cetus 4 A manure pit on a farm in the pigsty
Master of Constructions 土司空 Cetus 1 A controller of land and minister of works
Southern Military Gate 軍南門 Andromeda 1 South gate of the barracks
Flying Corridor 閣道 Cassiopeia 6 A mountain path, it was also seen as the banner of Wangliang
Auxiliary Road 附路 Cassiopeia 1 The road pavement or alternate
Wang Liang 王良 Cassiopeia 5 Wang Liang was a famous charioteer during the Spring and Autumn Period
Whip Cassiopeia 1 The whip of Wang Liang

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