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Plot Synopsis

Robert L. Forward has created a doughnut that is spinning at such a speed that something will interchange. Another character (who is unnamed) suggests sending protons through it, but he says that he has done that and that he will send himself through. The other character argues that he will not be able to digest but he argues that he can just pass through it a second time. He travels through, checks his heartbeat and appendectomy scar (which are on the same side as before). He says that everything is the same as before, being "as sure as my name's Robert L. Backward."

Science fiction short-story collections by Isaac Asimov
  • I, Robot (1950)
  • The Martian Way and Other Stories (1955)
  • Earth Is Room Enough (1957)
  • Nine Tomorrows (1959)
  • The Rest of the Robots (1964)
  • Through a Glass, Clearly (1967)
  • Nightfall and Other Stories (1969)
  • The Early Asimov (1972)
  • The Best of Isaac Asimov (1973)
  • Buy Jupiter and Other Stories (1975)
  • The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories (1976)
  • The Complete Robot (1982)
  • The Winds of Change and Other Stories (1983)
  • The Alternate Asimovs (1986)
  • The Best Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov (1986)
  • Robot Dreams (1986)
  • Azazel (1988)
  • Robot Visions (1990)
  • Gold (1995)
  • Magic (1996)
List of short stories by Isaac Asimov

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