Lebanese Jews

Lebanese Jews

The history of the Jews in Lebanon deals with the presence of Jews in Lebanon, which stretches back to Biblical times.

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History Of The Jews In Lebanon - Jews in Lebanon Today
... Lebanese Jews are traditionally a Mizrahi community living mostly in and around Beirut but also in Sidon and Baalbek ... emigrated to Israel and to countries with already well established Lebanese diaspora like France, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia and Central and Eastern ... Some of those Lebanese Jews who emigrated to Israel would later return as occupying troops in 1982 ...
Lebanese Jews - Chief Rabbis
... Between the years of 1799 and 1978, a series of Chief Rabbis led the Lebanese Jewish community ... Rabbi Moïse Yedid-Levy 1799-1829 Rabbi Ralph Alfandari Rabbi Youssef el Mann Rabbi Aharoun Yedid-Levy Rabbi Zaki Cohen 1875 Rabbi Menaché Ezra Sutton Rabbi Jacob Bukai Rabbi Haïm Dana Rabbi Moïse Yedid-Levy Rabbi Nassim Afandi Danon 1908–1909 Rabbi Jacob Tarrab 1910–1921 Rabbi Salomon Tagger 1921–1923 Rabbi Shabtai Bahbout 1924–1950 Rabbi Benzion Lichtman 1932–1959 Rabbi Jacob Attiyeh 1949–1966 Rabbi Yakoub Chreim 1960–1978 ...

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