Lebanese Arabic

Lebanese or Lebanese Arabic is a variety of Levantine Arabic, indigenous to and spoken primarily in Lebanon, with significant linguistic influences borrowed from other Middle Eastern and European languages, and is in some ways unique from other varieties of Arabic. Due to natural multiculturalism and multilingualism within Lebanon, it is not uncommon for Lebanese people to usually mix French, English, and other languages into their daily spoken Arabic, a phenomenon similarly exhibited within Maghreb Arab countries as well.

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Lebanese Arabic - Spelling Reform
... Lebanese is rarely written, except in novels where a dialect is implied or in some types of poetry that do not use classical Arabic at all ... Lebanese is also utilized in many Lebanese songs, theatrical pieces, local television and radio productions, and very prominently in zajal ... The Lebanese language has been popularized throughout the Arab World, in particular through Lebanese pan-Arab singers including Fairuz, Sabah, Wadih El Safi, Nancy Ajram, and many others ...
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... of Lebanon's Constitution states that "Arabic is the official national language ... The majority of Lebanese people speak Lebanese Arabic, while Modern Standard Arabic is mostly used in magazines, newspapers, and formal broadcast media ... Almost 40% of Lebanese are considered francophone, and another 15% "partial francophone," and 70% of Lebanon's secondary schools use French as a second language of instruction ...