Lava Flow

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Cascade Volcanoes - Eruptions of The Cascades - Other Eruptions
... The lava was dammed by the ice and made a cliff with a waterfall up against it ... It produced a 15 km long broad dacite lava flow with prominent wrinkled ridges ... The lava flow is unusually long for a silicic lava flow ...
S P Crater - Geology
... A lava flow extends to the north of the cone for ~7 km and originated from the same vent ... Some workers consider the lava flow to have slightly predated the cinder cone because of geochemical data that suggests the flow is more silica rich than the cinders and based on the observation that the cone ... However, there is some debate about the relationship between the cone and flow as it is not uncommon to form cinder cones during the early phase of ...
Lava Pillars
... Lava pillars are common within collapsed sheet flow terrain ... Lava pillars are hollow inside forming a pipe-like channel between the bottom and the top of a lava flow ... Lava pillars originate as gaps between lava lobes as a lava flow initially advances ...
Garibaldi Lake Volcanic Field
... Following glacial dissection, renewed volcanism produced the lava dome and flow forming its summit ... Cinder Cone, to the east of Black Tusk, produced a 9-km-long lava flow during the late Pleistocene or early Holocene ... the latest of which produced two large lava flows from Clinker Peak during the early Holocene that ponded against the retreating continental ice sheet and formed The Barrier, containing ...
Silverthrone Caldera - Geology - Eruptive History
... magma, glowing avalanches of hot volcanic ash and pyroclastic flows ... ago, but postglacial andesitic and basaltic andesite cones and lava flows are also present ... dates of 1,000,000 and 1,100,000 years were obtained from a large lava flow at least 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) long in the postglacial Pashleth Creek and Machmell River valleys ...

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    We walk on molten lava on which the claw of a fly or the fall of a hair makes its impression, which being received, the mass hardens to flint and retains every impression forevermore.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)