Laura Solon: Talking and Not Talking

Laura Solon: Talking and Not Talking is a comedy sketch show created by British Perrier Award winning comedian, Laura Solon. The show was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Following her success with Kopfraper's Syndrome: One Man and His Incredible Mind, Solon went on to create the show with the BBC. Like in her previous shows, Talking and Not Talking uses a variety of short sketches, featuring different characters, some recurring, some not. The show was voted on the British Comedy Guide website as the "Best British Radio Sketch Show of 2008".

The first series was broadcast between 10 January 2007 and 14 February 2007. The second series was broadcast between 28 May 2008 and 2 July 2008. The third series was recorded in April and May 2009 and began broadcasting on 18 November 2009.

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