Landtag of Saxony - Current Composition

Current Composition

The results of the most recent 2009 Landtag elections were as follows:

e • d Summary of the 30 August 2009 election results for the Landtag of Saxony
Party Ideology Vote % (change) Seats (change) Seat %
center; width: 20px" bgcolor="#000000"> left;">Christian Democratic Union (CDU) center-right 40.2% −0.9% 58 +3 43.9%
Linke (formerly PDS) far-left, socialism 20.6% −3.0% 29 −2 22%
Social Democratic Party (SPD) center-left, social democracy 10.4% +0.6% 14 +1 10.6%
Free Democratic Party (FDP) classical liberalism 10.0% +4.1% 14 +7 10.6%
Alliance '90/The Greens (Die Grünen) green politics, center-left 6.4% +1.3% 9 +3 6.8%
National Democratic Party (NPD) far-right, nationalist 5.6% −3.6% 8 −4 6%
Animal Protection Party (Die Tierschutzpartei) environmental 2.1% +0.5%
Pirate Party (PIRATEN) freedom of information, intellectual property rights reform, transparency 1.9% +1.9%
Free Saxons (Freie Sachsen) independent 1.4% +1.4%
Party of Bible-Loyal Christians (PBC) religious, conservative 0.4% −0.3%
All Others 1.0%
Total 100.0% 132 +8 100.0%

Elections are conducted using a proportional representation system, with a minimum of 5% vote share to receive any seats.

The next scheduled Saxon Landtag election is in 2014.

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