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Irish Land Acts - Second Irish Land Act, 1881
... The Land Law (Ireland) Act 1881 gave tenants real security, though by this time the Irish were demanding proprietorship ... for improvements and created the Irish Land Commission and a Land Court ... it was a complicated piece of legislation though it did provide for land purchase, three-quarters of the money to be advanced by the Land Commission, and to be repaid over 35 years ...
Juana Briones De Miranda - Land Purchase
... In 1844, she used her revenues to purchase from two Indians the 4,400-acre (18 km2) Rancho La Purísima Concepción in Santa Clara County, south of San Francisco ... Juana Briones managed to retain the title to her land in San Francisco and Santa Clara counties throughout the tumultuous American period that followed the Gold Rush ...
Three Lookouts - History - Land Purchase
... The land purchases in the Negev were made by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), operating as the Tzukerman Office, a private real estate company secretly affiliated with the ... If required to purchase land from Arabs (after 1940), the office would recruit Arabs who had allied themselves with the Yishuv, to circumvent the British ban ... The land was mostly purchased from Negev Bedouin, who were usually not nationalistically motivated and more interested in the financial aspect ...

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    Riches are valuable at all times, and to all men; because they always purchase pleasures, such as men are accustomed to, and desire: Nor can any thing restrain or regulate the love of money, but a sense of honour and virtue; which, if it be not nearly equal at all times, will naturally abound most in ages of knowledge and refinement.
    David Hume (1711–1776)

    His genius can cover all the land with gorgeous palaces, but the reader does not abide in them, but pitches his tent rather in the desert and on the mountain-peak.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)