Lake Stamford - Sale of Water To Tenaska

Sale of Water To Tenaska

On July 12, 2011 the Stamford city council approved the sale of all "excess water" from Lake Stamford for use in Tenaska Energy's Trailblazer Energy Center in Nolan County, Texas. According to the contract, the exact amount of water to be taken can be adjusted according to a redefinition of the "safe yield", but is currently estimated to be 773 acre·ft (953,000 m3) per year. The length of the contract (effective July 18, 2011) is either 30 years (starting when the plant begins operation) or 45 years from the date of the contract, whichever is earliest. Tenaska also has at its option two 10 year contract extensions, plus three additional 10 year extensions subject to approval of Stamford (which "shall not be unreasonably withheld").

Tenaska and its use of water is not subject to any water conservation or drought contingency plans enacted by Stamford. In addition to the 773 acre·ft (953,000 m3), Stamford will sell Tenaska all of its effluent water of approximately 250,000 gallons/day (280 acre·ft/year). The proposed coal-fired power plant would be located 37 miles southwest of Stamford and 47 miles southwest of Lake Stamford.

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