Lai Châu

Lai Châu ( listen) is the capital town of Lai Chau province in the Northwest region of Vietnam.

Districts of Northwest Vietnam (Tay Bac)
Dien Bien province
  • Dien Bien Phu
  • Muong Lay
  • Dien Bien
  • Dien Bien Dong
  • Muong Cha
  • Muong Nhe
  • Tua Chua
  • Tuan Giao
Lai Chau province
  • Lai Chau
  • Muong Te
  • Phong Tho
  • Sin Ho
  • Tam Duong
  • Tan Uyen
  • Than Uyen
Son La province
  • Son La
  • Quynh Nhai
  • Muong La
  • Thuan Chau
  • Phu Yen
  • Bac Yen
  • Mai Son
  • Song Ma
  • Yen Chau
  • Moc Chau
  • Sop Cop
Hoa Binh province
  • Hoa Binh
  • Cao Phong
  • Da Bac
  • Kim Boi
  • Ky Son
  • Lac Son
  • Lac Thuy
  • Luong Son
  • Mai Chau
  • Tan Lac
  • Yen Thuy
Lao Cai province
  • Lào Cai
  • Bao Thang District
  • Bảo Yên District
  • Bát Xát District
  • Bắc Hà District
  • Mường Khương District
  • Sa Pa District
  • Si Ma Cai District
  • Văn Bàn District
Yen Bai province
  • Yên Bái
  • Nghĩa Lộ
  • Lục Yên District
  • Mù Cang Chải District
  • Trấn Yên District
  • Trạm Tấu District
  • Văn Chấn District
  • Văn Yên District
  • Yên Bình District

Coordinates: 22°04′N 103°10′E / 22.067°N 103.167°E / 22.067; 103.167

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