Lagan Valley (UK Parliament Constituency)

Lagan Valley (UK Parliament Constituency)

Coordinates: 54°30′32″N 6°02′49″W / 54.509°N 6.047°W / 54.509; -6.047

Lagan Valley
County constituency
Lagan Valley shown within Northern Ireland
Created: 1983
MP: Jeffrey Donaldson
Party: Democratic Unionist
Type: House of Commons
Districts: Lisburn, Banbridge
EP constituency: Northern Ireland

Lagan Valley is a Parliamentary Constituency in the United Kingdom House of Commons.

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Lagan Valley (UK Parliament Constituency) - Elections in The 1980s
... General Election 1987 Lagan Valley Party Candidate Votes % ±% Ulster Unionist Jim Molyneaux 29,101 70.0 +10.8 Alliance Seamus Close 5,728 13.8 +2.5 SDLP Billy McDonnell 2,888 6.9 +0.5 Sinn Féin Patrick Rice 2,656 6.4 +2.1 Workers' Party John Lowry 1,215 2.9 +0.9 Majority 23,373 56.2 Turnout 41,588 64.4 Ulster Unionist hold Swing Lagan Valley by-election, 1986 Party Candidate Votes % ±% Ulster Unionist Jim Molyneaux 32,514 90.7 +31.5 Workers' Party John Lowry 3,328 9.3 +7.3 Majority 29,186 81.4 Turnout 35,842 57.8 Ulster Unionist hold Swing General Election 1983 Lagan Valley Party Candidate Votes % ±% Ulster Unionist Jim Molyneaux 24,017 59.2 N/A Democratic Unionist William Beattie 6,801 16.8 N/A Alliance Seamus Close 4,593 11.3 N/A SDLP Cormac Boomer 2,603 6.4 N/A Sinn Féin Richard McAuley 1,751 4.3 N/A Workers' Party Gerard Loughlin 809 2.0 N/A Majority 17,216 42.4 N/A Turnout 40,574 67.6 N/A Ulster Unionist win (new seat). ...

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