Labor Market

  • (noun): The market in which workers compete for jobs and employers compete for workers.

Some articles on labor market, labor, labor markets:

Labor Market Segmentation Debates and Propositions
... Labor incomes are the most important component of total incomes ... of variation in capital incomes and other non-labor income sources ... There are multiple labor markets ...
AD-AS Model - Fiscal and Monetary Policy Under Classical and Keynesian Cases
... for the aggregate supply curve in general terms for the case of excess supply in the labor market, called the short-run aggregate supply curve, is where ... The real wage has a negative effect on firms' employment of labor and hence on aggregate supply ... firm), but rather to a time frame in which wages are free to adjust in order to equilibrate the labor market and in which price anticipations are accurate ...
Freakonomics - Refutations - Effects of Abortion Ban
... way they would test lower in school, they would have less success in the labor market, and they would also prove much more likely to become criminals ... just after abortions became illegal display better educational and labor market achievements than children born prior to the change ... ban attained more years of schooling and greater labor market success ...
Split Labor Market Theory - Ethnic Antagonism in Relation To Split Labor Market
... A source of antagonism between ethnic groups is assumed to be a split labor market or one in which there is a large differential in price of labor for the ... The price of labor is not a response to the race or ethnicity of those entering the labor market ...
James D. Montgomery
... contributed to economic theories of network structures in labor market ... adverse selection model to analyze the effects of social networks on labor market outcomes ... ties”, which he defined as non-frequent and transitory social relations, in labor market ...

Famous quotes containing the words market and/or labor:

    To market ‘tis our destiny to go.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    I know my state, both full of shame and scorn,
    Conceived in sin, and unto labor born,
    Standing with fear, and must with horror fall,
    And destined unto judgment, after all.
    Ben Jonson (1572–1637)