La Voz

Many media outlets use the name La Voz (Spanish: "The Voice"), including:

  • La Voz del Interior (newspaper, Córdoba)
  • La Voz... Argentina (talent show)
Dominican Republic
  • La Voz Dominicana (radio station)
  • La Voz de Michoacán (newspaper)
  • La Voz de Galicia (newspaper)
  • La Voz de Lanzarote
United States
  • La Voz de Aztlan (periodical)
  • La Voz Hispana de Virginia (periodical)
  • La Voz (Florida)
  • La Voz de Houston
  • La Voz (Phoenix) (newspaper)
  • La Voz, Santa Rosa, California
  • La Voz Weekly, Cupertino, California
  • La Voz (Miranda) (Guarenas) (newspaper)

Other articles related to "la voz, la":

Mirela - La Voz
... In September 2012, she entered the talent show "La Voz", Spanish adaptation of "The Voice", where she auditioned with "Sola Otra Vez" ... was eliminated by Javi Mota, with whom she performed "Devuélveme la vida" ...
La Voz Del Interior
... La Voz del Interior is a daily Spanish language newspaper edited and published in Córdoba, capital of the province of Córdoba, Argentina and the second-largest ... One year later the online version of La Voz del Interior, called Intervoz, was started (its name was changed to La Voz on line in 2000 and to La in 2006) ... La Voz was acquired by the Clarín Group, the largest media conglomerate in Argentina, in 1997 ...
La Antena - Plot
... The only person who has kept the use of her voice is La Voz ("the voice"), a singer working for the sole TV channel broadcast in the city, run by Mr ... TV, who desires La Voz ... La Voz wears a hood over her head that hides away her face ...