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Helmut Krone
... Helmut Krone (July 16, 1925 – April 12, 1996) was an art director and is considered to be a pioneer of modern advertising ... Krone spent over 30 years at the advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach ... During his career, Krone won a number of awards and was inducted in both the One Club's Creative Hall of Fame and the Art Directors Hall of Fame ...
Costs Of Warships 1900-1918 - Exchange Rates in 1914
... Australian pound $4.85 Austro-Hungarian krone ("crown") $0.197 Belgian franc $0.193 British pound $4.85 Bulgarian lev ("lion") $0.193 Canadian dollar $1.00 Chinese yuan $1.0 ... silver) $1.00 Montenegrin perper $0.193 Norwegian krone ("crown") $0.268 Peruvian sol (silver) $1.00 Romanian leu $0.193 Russian ruble $0.507 Serbian dinar $0.193 Spanish peseta $0.193 ...
Krone - Currency
... The practice of using "Crown"/"Krone" as the name of a currency developed from coins often bearing the picture of a monarch ... Norwegian krone, the currency of Norway Danish krone, the currency of Denmark Icelandic króna, the currency of Iceland Swedish krona, the currency of Sweden Estonian kroon, the pre-Euro currency of Estonia Austro-H ...
List Of People On Banknotes - Banknotes Out of Circulation - Denmark
... Currency Krone (kr, 1873–Present) See also Danish krone ... Christian Andersen 1805–1875 poet and author of fairy tales Krone 10 kr obverse 1952–1955 obverse 1954–1975 Christian Ditlev Frederik 1748–1827 agricultural reformer Krone 500 kr obverse 1964–1975 ... of State portrait painted by Jens Juel Krone 10 kr obverse 1975–1980 Hans Christian Ørsted 1777–1851 physicist discoverer of electromagnetism Krone 100 kr obverse 1962–1974 Ole Rømer 1644–1710 astronomer made ...
Austrian Krone - Paper Money
... In 1922 a new series of Krone banknotes was introduced with a completely new design to fulfil the second step ... The series contained 1 Krone, 2, 10, 20, 100, 1000, 5000, 50 000, 000 ... and 000 ... Kronen, later 000 ... Kronen (1 000 ... Kronen was planned but not ... Currencies named Crowns or similar Circulating Czech koruna Danish krone Faroese króna Icelandic króna Norwegian krone Swedish krona Obsolete Austrian krone Austrian Netherlands ...

Famous quotes containing the word krone:

    His nature just speaks to me. I didn’t want him too far back to get dirt in his face, to get discouraged.
    —Julie Krone (b. 1963)

    I don’t think the question needs to be genderized. It would feel great to anyone. But whether you’re a girl or a boy or a Martian, you still have to go out and prove yourself again every day.
    —Julie Krone (b. 1963)

    I’ve been in one Derby, and this is my third Belmont. But I’ve never thought of the fact that I haven’t won a Triple Crown race. I’m not like that. I always look at the sunshine of things.
    —Julie Krone (b. 1963)