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Conditioned Place Preference - Knockout Mice - Ethanol
... Genetic knockouts of the dopamine D2 receptor and vesicular monoamine transport 2 (VMAT2) exhibited a lack of conditioned place preference ... Mice lacking the mu opioid receptor exhibited a lack of conditioned place preference ... Knockouts of CB1 cannabinoid receptor demonstrated a lack of conditioned place preference ...
Arginine Vasopressin Receptor 1A - Role in Behavior - Mice
... Male knockout mice in Avpr1a have reduced anxiety-like behavior and greatly impaired social recognition abilities, without any defects in spatial and nonsocial olfactory learning and ... Some studies have shown Avpr1a knockout mice to have deficits in their circadian rhythms and olfaction ... Also, unlike vasopressin 1b receptor and oxytcoin knockout mice, Avpr1a KO mice have a normal Bruce effect (appropriate failure of pregnancy in ...
AMP-activated Protein Kinase - Clinical Significance - Exercise/training
... a recent study investigating the response to exercise training in AMPKa2 knockout mice opposes this idea ... the response to exercise training of several proteins and enzymes in wild type and AMPKalpha2 knockout mice ... And even though the knockout mice had lower basal markers of mitochondrial density (COX-1, CS, and HAD), these markers increased similarly to the wild type mice after exercise ...
MFN2 - Function
... knockout mice for either MFN1 or MFN2 have fusion deficits and die midgestation ... MFN2 knockout mice die at embryonic day 11.5 due to a defect in the giant cell layer of the placenta ... Conditional MFN2 knockout mice show degeneration in the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum, as well as improperly localized mitochondria in the dendrites ...
Ectrodactyly–ectodermal Dysplasia–cleft Syndrome - Current Research - Genetics - Knockout Mice
... The study is known as the p63 knockout mice study, in which the phenotypes of p63-deficient mice are described ... The description of the mice is as follows P63-deficient mice lack all squamous epithelia and their derivatives, including hair, whiskers, teeth, as well as ... to a phenotype that resembles that of p63 knockout mice ...

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