Key Spirit

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List Of Kiba Characters - Templer - Zico
... Zico possesses a very strong Spirit (due to his own strong will) called Pryon that seems to want to be captured by the military of Zymot ... His Spirit is on a power level with Rambos (Zeds second Spirit) ... Zico's Spirit is a large red dragon that has many curves on its body, in which it regularly breathes large amounts of fire to completely destroy its opponents ...
List Of Kiba Characters - Zymot - Hugh
... He wears a mask over his mouth until Amil Gaoul (the Key Spirit he stole from Zed) rejects him ... He is the previous owner of the Key Spirit, Pronimo, later stolen by Sara after Hugh's defeat ... One day, however, Hugh had attempted to kill him, which was when the king placed his half key Spirit into Rebecca's forehead ...
List Of Kiba Characters - Seekers - Sara
... Most of this battle is not really shown because she never releases any Spirit, but instead continuously threw fire shards ... to Diana and Noa in the catacombs below Hairam's temple, wielding the newly discovered key Spirit, Monardi ... She uses the Spirit to battle Diana and in the end captures Sagiri ...

Famous quotes containing the words spirit and/or key:

    As nature requires whirlwinds and cyclones to release its excessive force in a violent revolt against its own existence, so the spirit requires a demonic human being from time to time whose excessive strength rebels against the community of thought and the monotony of morality ... only by looking at those beyond its limits does humanity come to know its own utmost limits.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)

    Experience has shown that the trade of the East is the key to national wealth and influence.
    Chester A. Arthur (1829–1886)