Keres may refer to:

  • Keres (mythology), female death-spirits in Greek mythology
  • Keres people, Pueblo peoples in New Mexico
  • Keresan languages, languages or dialects spoken by Keres peoples
  • Paul Keres (1916–1975), Estonian chess grandmaster
  • Harald Keres (1912–2010), Estonian physicist
  • Keres (launcher), an Israeli transporter erector launcher for AGM-78 Standard ARM missiles.
  • Kereš, a river in Hungary and Serbia

Other articles related to "keres":

Paul Keres Memorial Tournament - Tallinn - Keres Memorial Festival
... In the 1990s there have been several Keres memorials in Tallinn which were played at regular time control ... At present there is an annual Keres Memorial Festival which started in 2004 with a special rapid tournament, where Viswanathan Anand emerged as a winner, followed by ...
Keres Defence
... The Keres Defence (also known as the Kangaroo Defence or Franco-Indian Defense) is a chess opening characterised by the moves 1 ... The opening is named for Estonian grandmaster Paul Keres ...
Paul Keres
... Paul Keres (January 7, 1916 – June 5, 1975), was an Estonian chess grandmaster, and a renowned chess writer ... Keres narrowly missed a chance at a world championship match on five occasions ... After the war Keres was runner-up in the Candidates' Tournament on four consecutive occasions ...
Paul Keres Memorial Tournament
... The Paul Keres Memorial Tournament is a chess tournament played in honour of chess grandmaster Paul Keres (1916–1975) ... Keres won this tournament in 1971 and 1975 ... Starting in 1977 after Keres' death, it has been called the Paul Keres Memorial Tournament ...
Desperado (chess) - Examples of The First Definition - Tal Versus Keres
... a b c d e f g h 1 ... a b c d e f g h Here, Keres played 18...Nd3! Another example of this type of desperado is Tal–Keres, Candidates Tournament, Curaçao ... Seeing that White's knight on d4 is unprotected, Keres offered to simplify the position with 18.. ...