Kamehameha III - Family Tree

Family Tree

Kalola Keōua Kekuʻiapoiwa II Kānekapōlei
Kīwalaʻō Kekuiapoiwa Liliha
Keōpūolani Kamehameha I
(The Great)
(died 1819)
Kalākua Kaheiheimālie Kaʻahumanu
Kamehameha II
Kamāmalu Keouawahine Pauli Kaʻōleiokū Kahailiopua
Kamehameha III
Kalama Elizabeth Kīnaʻu
Kaʻahumanu II
Kalanipauahi Laura Kōnia Abner Pākī
Queen Emma Alexander Liholiho
Kamehameha IV
Lot Kapuāiwa
Kamehameha V
Victoria Kamāmalu
Kaʻahumanu IV
Ruth Keʻelikōlani Charles Reed
Bernice Pauahi
Prince Albert William Pitt
Keolaokalani Davis

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