Kambera Language

Kambera (also known as Sumbanese, East Sumbanese, Oost-Sumbaas, Humba, Hilu Humba, East Sumba, and Sumba) is a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia. Kambera is a member of Bima-Sumba subgrouping within Central Malayo-Polynesian inside Malayo-Polynesian. The island of Sumba, located in the Eastern Indonesia, has an area of 12,297 km2. The name Kambera comes from a traditional region which is close to a town in Waingapu. Because of export trades which concentrated in Waingapu in the 19th century, the language of the Kambera region has become the bridging language in eastern Sumba. There are many names for the language Kambera. Its speakers refer to Kambera as hilu HumbaSumbanese language’. In the Dutch literature, Kambera is known as Sumbaneesch, Sumba(a)sch, Oost-Sumbaas and Kamberaas. In Indonesian literature, it is referred as Bahasa Sumba/Kamberaor Bahasa Sumba Timur dalam dialek Kambera (‘Eastern Sumbanese in the Kambera dialect’).

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Kambera Language - Morphology - Pronouns and Person Markers
... Personal pronouns are used in Kambera for emphasis/disambiguation and the syntactic relation between full pronouns and clitics is similar to that ... Number Singular Plural 1INC nyuta 1EXCL nyungga nyuma 2 nyumu nyimi 3 nyuna nyuda Kambera, as a head-marking language, has rich morpho-syntactic marking on its predicators ...

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