The word junkyard may refer to:

  • A wreck yard, also known as a junkyard or scrapyard
  • Junkyard (album), by Australian band The Birthday Party
  • Junkyard (band), a hard rock band based in Los Angeles
  • Junkyard (G.I. Joe) a hero. He is featured in Robot Chicken where he dies of theobromine poisoning.

Other articles related to "junkyard":

Mutt (G.I. Joe) - Popular Culture
... Mutt (alongside his dog Junkyard) appeared in the Robot Chicken episode "The Ramblings of Maurice" with Mutt voiced by Seth Green and Junkyard's vocal effects provided by Tom Kane ... After Junkyard died from eating a chocolate statue dedicated to Roadblock, Mutt alongside the rest of G.I ... Joe honor Junkyard at the funeral where his body is shot into the ocean ...
Mutt (G.I. Joe) - Comics - Devil's Due
... It is revealed Junkyard had died during the seven years the team was disbanded ... Mutt is working now with Junkyard's son ... With the assistance of the others and Junkyard Junior, the Cobras are forced to flee town ...
Radical Face - Releases - The Junkyard Chandelier
... under the Radical Face pseudonym was The Junkyard Chandelier (2003) ... In My Side" - 327 "The Scarecrows Are Marching" - 451 "Martyr" - 347 "Chewing Bottles" - 514 "Junkyard Chandelier" - 619 "Paper Birds" - 425 "Fog In The House Of Lightbulbs" - 638 "Runs In The ...
In The Junkyard
... In the Junkyard is the debut EP from The Potbelleez ... It featured the singles "Junkyard" and "Duurty Dreemz" ...