• (adj): Having joints or jointed segments.

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Aegilops Cylindrica - Biology
... Jointed goatgrass and winter wheat are genetically linked through a D genome which allows them to live in cold, continental climates and means they are ... Jointed goatgrass has glabrous to scabrous glumes with upright culms and the ability to produce 50 erect flowering stalks for each isolated plant ... Both wheat and jointed goatgrass have spikes that are sessile and alternately arranged spikelets on opposite sides of the rachis ...
Pelham Bit - Action - Mouthpiece
... with many other bits, a pelham may have a solid or a jointed mouthpiece ... Jointed mouthpieces increase the pressure on the bars as the mouthpiece breaks over in a "nutcracker" effect ... Unlike a jointed mouthpiece on a snaffle bit, a jointed mouthpiece on a bit with shanks, such as the pelham, can be quite severe in its effect, particularly if the pressure from the shanks causes the joint of ...
Major Zamora
... He was billed, alternately, as "The Triple-jointed Dwarf" and "The Triple-jointed Wonder." His ad hype claimed he was 'triple-jointed' in all the connections of his body ...
Aegilops Cylindrica - Solutions
... Since jointed goatgrass and winter wheat are genetically related, there are no registered herbicides that can selectively kill off the jointed ... of a imidazolinone resistant strain of winter wheat which allows the use of imazamox to kill jointed goatgrass, but Seefeldt et al ... mentioned the concerns about the possibility of resistant jointed goatgrass – winter wheat hybrids ...
Track (rail Transport) - Joining Rails - Jointed Track
... Jointed track is made using lengths of rail, usually around 20 m (66 ft) long (in the UK) and 39 or 78 ft (12 or 24 m) long (in North America), bolted together using perforated steel plates known as fishplates (U ... Because of the small gaps left between the rails, when trains pass over jointed tracks they make a "clickety-clack" sound ... Unless it is well-maintained, jointed track does not have the ride quality of welded rail and is less desirable for high speed trains ...

Famous quotes containing the word jointed:

    Entrance and exit wounds are silvered clean,
    The track aches only when the rain reminds.
    The one-legged man forgets his leg of wood.
    The one-armed man his jointed wooden arm.
    The blinded man sees with his ears and hands
    As much or more than once with both his eyes.
    Robert Graves (1895–1985)