John IV

John IV may refer to:

  • Patriarch John IV of Constantinople, Patriarch from 582 to his death in 595
  • Pope John IV, Pope from 640 to his death in 642
  • John IV, Bishop of Naples (died 835)
  • John IV of Naples, Duke from 997 to after 1002
  • John IV of Gaeta (died 1012)
  • John IV Laskaris (1250–c. 1305), Emperor of Nicaea from 1259 to 1261
  • John IV, Duke of Brittany (1295–1345)
  • John IV, Duke of Brabant (1403–1427)
  • John IV, Duke of Mecklenburg (1370–1422)
  • John IV of Trebizond (c. 1403–1459)
  • John IV, Duke of Bavaria (1437–1463)
  • Ivan IV of Russia (Ivan the Terrible, 1530–1584)
  • John IV of Portugal (1603–1656), known as John II, Duke of Braganza, before 1640
  • John IV of Ethiopia (c. 1831–1889)

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... The House of Braganza, known as the Brigantine Dynasty, came to power, in 1640, when John II of Braganza became the reigning house of Portugal and deposed the Portuguese ... Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Notes Family Image John IV Portuguese João IV 18 March 1603 – 6 November 1656 (aged 53) 1 December 6 ... November 1656 Great-great-grandson of Emmanuel I ...
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... Firstly, in April or August 1012, after the death of his cousin John IV of Gaeta, he seized the throne in opposition to John's son, John V, then an infant, and his regents Emilia, John IV's ... in September, but by October, the supporters of Emilia and John V had removed him from office ... In October 1041, Guaimar IV of Salerno appeared in his last act as duke of Gaeta ...
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... In return for services rendered, Philip IV of France made John II a peer, but John's death led to a 22 year war of succession in the dukedom ... In 1341, John, count of Montfort, half-brother of John III, fought Charles de Blois (husband of Jeanne de Penthièvre) for the dukedom ... It was vital for John to capture Brest's castle, to prevent it becoming a refuge for his enemies or a landing-point for his enemies' ally Edward III of England ...
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... John IV Palaeologus (Italian Giovanni IV Paleologo) (June 24, 1413 – January 19, 1464) was the Margrave of Montferrat from 1445 until his death ... born near Casale in the castle of Pontestura, to John Jacob of Montferrat and Joan of Savoy, daughter of Amadeus VII (the Red Count of Savoy) ... John IV died, without legitimate heirs, in Casale on 19 January 1464 he was buried there alongside his father in the church of San Francesco ...