Johansen is a Scandinavian patronymic surname meaning "son of Johan". It is most common in Denmark and Norway. The Swedish variant is Johansson, while the most common spelling in the US is Johanson. There are still other spellings. Johansen is an uncommon given name. People with the surname Johansen include:

  • Allan Johansen (born 1971), Danish professional road bicycle racer*
  • August E. Johansen (1905-1995), U.S. Representative from Michigan
  • Bård Tufte Johansen (born 1969), Norwegian comedian
  • Bjørn Johansen (born 1969), Norwegian footballer
  • Bodo Johansen (1911–1996), Russian zoologist
  • Dan Anton Johansen (born 1979), Danish professional footballer
  • Darryl Johansen (born 1959), Australian chess Grandmaster
  • David Johansen (born 1950), American singer, songwriter, and actor
  • Gotfred Johansen (1895-1978), Danish lightweight professional boxer
  • H.W. "Woody" Johansen (1913-1991), American engineer and namesake of the Johansen Expressway
  • Hans Johansen (1897-1973), Russian-Danish zoologist
  • Henry Johansen (1904-1988), Norwegian international football goalkeeper
  • Hermann Johansen (1866–1930), Russian zoologist
  • Hjalmar Johansen (1867-1913), Norwegian polar explorer
  • Holger Hott Johansen (born 1974), Norwegian orienteering competitor
  • Iris Johansen (born 1938), American author
  • Jacob Lerche Johansen (1818-1900), Norwegian Minister of the Navy
  • Jan Johansen (born 1966), Swedish singer
  • Johan Strand Johansen (1903-1970), Norwegian Minister of Labour and politician
  • John Johansen (athlete) (1883–1947), Norwegian sprinter
  • John Christen Johansen (1876-1964), Danish-American portraitist
  • Jon Lech Johansen (born 1983), Norwegian known for reverse engineering data formats
  • K. V. Johansen (born 1968), Canadian fantasy and children's author
  • K. W. Johansen (born ?), Author of the yield theory for connections (1949)
  • Kevin Johansen (born 1964), Argentine-American rock musician
  • Kyle Johansen (born 1967), American politician
  • Lars Emil Johansen (born 1946), second Prime Minister of Greenland
  • Magne Johansen (born 1965), Norwegian ski jumper
  • Michael Johansen (born 1972), Danish professional football player
  • Pål Johansen (born 1973), Norwegian psychologist
  • Paul Johansen (1901-1965), Estonian-German historian of Danish origin
  • Pete Johansen violin player, session member of bands Sirenia, Tristania and others
  • Ravi (Ivar Johansen) (born 1976), Norwegian musician
  • Roar Johansen (born 1935), Norwegian footballer
  • Ryan Johansen (born 1992), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Sharon Johansen (born 1948), Norwegian-American model and actress
  • Stig Johansen (born 1972), Norwegian professional football striker
  • Terje Riis Johansen (born 1968), Norwegian politician for the Norwegian Centre Party
  • Tor Egil Johansen (born 1950), Norwegian footballer

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