Joel or Yoel may refer to:

  • Joel (given name), origin of the name including a list of people with the first name
  • Joel (prophet), a prophet of an ancient Israel
    • Book of Joel, a book in the Jewish Tanakh, and the Christian Bible
  • Joel (son of Samuel), firstborn son of Samuel.
  • JO:EL, Danish rapper, singer and producer, signed to Danish Tabu Records

Joel is the surname of:

  • Joel family, a British family of brothers who became rich from diamond and gold mining in South Africa
  • Alex Joel
  • Billy Joel, an American singer-songwriter
  • Karl Joel (philosopher), German philosopher
  • Karl Amson Joel, German entrepreneur
  • Lawrence Joel, American war hero and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Manuel Joël, Silesian Jewish philosopher
  • Richard M. Joel, president of Yeshiva University
  • Robert Joel, American actor

Joel or Yoel is the given name of:

  • Joel Spitzer, smoking cessation educator who often signs his posts "Joel"
  • Joel Stransky, South African rugby union player
  • Yoel Judah, American 3x world champion kickboxer and boxer & trainer
  • Yoel Teitelbaum former Rebbe of Satmar. He was probably the best known Haredi opponent of all forms of modern political Zionism.
  • Joel Spolsky, software engineer

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... in Fallujah" is a single written by Billy Joel and performed by Cass Dillon ... "Christmas in Fallujah" was the second single released in 2007 by Joel, who had not released a song with lyrics since 1993 ... Joel began performing "Christmas in Fallujah" live in Australia in November 2008—marking the first time he sang the lyrics to the song instead of Dillon ...
Cass Dillon - Career
... Dillon's first major release was written by Billy Joel and titled "Christmas in Fallujah" ... Joel wrote the song after receiving many letters from military service members serving in Iraq but chose not to perform it because he "thought it should be somebody young, about a ... As of June 2010, Dillon was in a relationship with Joel's daughter, Alexa Ray Joel ...
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... Joel Futterman (born April 30, 1946 in Chicago) is an American jazz pianist and curved soprano saxophonist ... A native of Chicago, Joel Futterman was influenced both musically and philosophically by Gene Shaw, with whom he worked with and studied for a few years ... Also, Joel Futterman was influenced by Joseph Schwartzbaum, a writer, poet, and philosopher, as well as his brother Ronald ...
This Night (Billy Joel Song)
... "This Night" is a song by Billy Joel and the fifth single from his album An Innocent Man ... Joel has said in interviews that "This Night" was written about his brief relationship with supermodel Elle Macpherson, whom he dated just prior to second wife Christie Brinkley ...

Famous quotes containing the word joel:

    They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.
    Bible: Hebrew Isaiah, 2:4.

    The words reappear in Micah 4:3, and the reverse injunction is made in Joel 3:10 (”Beat your plowshares into swords ...”)