Jinki may refer to:

  • Jinki (era) (神亀?), a Japanese era
  • Jinki (item) (神器, literally "God vessel"?), an item used in Shinto ceremonies to worship kami
  • Jinki (robot), the form of mecha that exists in the 2005 anime series Jinki: Extend
  • Jinki (weapon), an anti-Gear divine weapon set in the Guilty Gear video game series
  • Jinkies, a catchphrase from Scooby-Doo
  • Jinki Fortress, part of the Guantanamo Bay detention camps

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Jinki: Extend - Characters - Other
... also revealed in the manga that Daving was present at both the original testing of the prototype Jinki models, as well as the incident where Tsuzaki Shizuka ... in the Lost Years Arc when he used his own Jinki, the White Rondo, as a marker beacon for a nuclear strike which leveled the city and eliminated Kyomu's Jinki forces ... of a team of developers responsible for the creation of Jinki ...
Jinki (era) - Events of The Jinki Era
... 727 (Jinki 4) The emperor sent commissioners into all the provinces to look into examine the administrations of the governors and the conduct of all public functionaries. 724 (Jinki 5) An ambassador from Korea was received in court ...
Jinki: Extend - Characters - Kyomu
... As a young boy, Hino Hakuya lead a bright and happy life as a Jinki test pilot, and with the love of his life, Tsuzaki Shizuka by his side, nothing was better ... riot with the brutal murderous force of a Jinki, the Moribito Type-01 ... Hakuya would come to the conclusion that Jinki are evil, and he set out to kill every living Jinki scientist to cleanse the world of it ...
List Of Sekirei Characters - South City - Hayato Mikogami
... with his Sekireis and chased off Uzume when she attempted to take the Jinki Minato won in the third match of the Third Stage ... like getting rare-ability Sekirei and getting all excited when the Jinki were called extremely valuable ... Later on, he states that he wishes to collect all the Jinki so that he can bring back #43 and #38, and make all the terminated sekirei his ...