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On February 8, 1977 Jimmy Flynt was acquitted of pandering obscenity and engaging in organized crime. Larry Flynt was convicted.

On April 7, 1998, Jimmy and Larry Flynt were indicted on 15 counts of pandering obscenity in Cincinnati, Ohio. They were accused of selling obscene videotapes and operating an illegal enterprise from their Hustler Store on Sixth Street. If convicted, they each faced more than 20 years in prison.

On May 20, 1998, the Flynt brothers got a new judge in their Cincinnati obscenity trial. Judge Patrick Dinkelacker of the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court was randomly selected to preside over the case.

On June 18, 2003, A judge was asked to decide whether Larry and Jimmy Flynt should face new criminal charges for breaking an old promise to stop selling sexually explicit videos in Hamilton County. In an unusual legal maneuver, Prosecutor Mike Allen sought to reinstate 15 felony charges that were originally filed against the Flynts in 1998.

On April 23, 2013, Judge Steven E. Martin ruled that Jimmy Flynt has a valid lease at his 411 Elm Street store, giving Flynt a victory over his brother, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt.

On April, 2, 2004 the Ohio 1st District Court of Appeals ruled that Hamilton County could not reinstate old obscenity charges against Jimmy and Larry Flynt.

"When a case is over, it's over," wrote Judge Mark P. Painter in a decision handed down this morning.

It was in 1999 that the Flynts' attorneys reached an agreement with the county to release the Flynts from then-pending pandering obscenity charges by having their corporation, Hustler Gifts and News, be substituted as the defendant, plead guilty, pay a $10,000 fine and promise never to sell the charged videos in the store again.

But Allen claims that the store is once more selling sexually explicit tapes and DVDs in the county, that that's a violation of the plea agreement, and that the Flynts are liable for breaking the agreement.

According to the recorded transcript of the plea hearing, the prosecuting attorney stated that the agreement was, "Larry Flynt and Jimmy Flynt personally, and Hustler News and Gifts, Incorporated, corporately agree to remove immediately, all existing videos from Hustler News and Gifts at 34 East 6th Street in Cincinnati, Ohio, and will not in the future, disseminate or cause to be disseminated, any sexually explicit videos in Hamilton County, Ohio... if Larry Flynt or Jimmy Flynt or Hustler News and Gifts, Incorporated, violate any of the terms of the agreement, the entire plea agreement becomes null and void, and all charges in the original indictment will be reinstated."

On October 12, 2011, Jimmy Flynt sued Flynt Management Group, LLC for wrongful termination. Jimmy Flynt contended he was the “brainchild” for the Hustler retail operations, “which has led to the second wave of growth for the Hustler Enterprise,” according to his complaint.

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