Jianning may refer to:

  • Jianning County (建宁), county in Sanming, Fujian, China
  • Jian'ou, formerly Jianning (建宁), city in Fujian, China
  • Zhuzhou, formerly Jianning, city in Hunan, China

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... Princess Jianning (traditional Chinese 建寧公主 simplified Chinese 建宁公主 Mandarin Pinyin Jiànníng Gōngzhǔ Jyutping Gin3-ning4 Gung1-zyu2) is ... Jianning seduces Wei, and he sleeps with her that night ... Jianning eventually tricks Wu Yingxiong into going into her room and points the gun at him and orders him to strip before castrating him ...
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... Jian'ou was formerly called Jianning-fu (建宁府), that is, it was the governmental seat of Jianning prefecture ... dictated seven years later to a scribe writing in Old French, the name Jianning-fu is romanised Quenlinfu ...