Jewish Renewal

Jewish Renewal (Hebrew: התחדשות יהודית‎) (Yiddish: ייִדיש רענעוואַל), is a recent movement in Judaism which endeavors to reinvigorate modern Judaism with mystical, Hasidic, musical and meditative practices. It is distinct from the Baal Teshuva movement of return to Orthodox Judaism.

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Jewish Renewal - Criticism and Response - Challenges
... Some within the Renewal community maintain that the movement has been more successful in providing occasional ecstatic "peak experiences" at worship ... and recruiting future generations of leaders, are among the issues facing Jewish Renewal today ...
Jewish Religious Movements - Modern Movements or Denominations
... A small, liberal Jewish movement, found primarily in the United States ... A Jewish movement which regards Judaism as a religious faith with a universal message for all people ... A pluralistic movement that emphasizes Jewish culture and history as the sources of Jewish identity ...
Female Bishops - Judaism
... Gottlieb became the first female rabbi in Jewish Renewal in 1981, Amy Eilberg became the first female rabbi in Conservative Judaism in 1985, and Tamara Kolton became the very first rabbi of either ... who lives in Germany, became the first female cantor in Jewish Renewal (and the first female cantor in Germany) in 2002 ... Wehle became the first American female cantor in Jewish Renewal in 2006 however, she died in 2009 ...

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