Jaden Yuki

Jaden Yuki, known as Judai Yuki (遊城十代, Yūki Jūdai?) in the original Japanese version, is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime and manga series. His name is meant to be a pun in Japanese, as "jūdai" is the word for "teenager". In the English version, Jaden is voiced by Matthew Charles, while KENN (older) and Mariko Nagahama (younger) take the role in the Japanese version.

In the anime, he is a teenager who attends Duel Academy, a school teaching the fictional game of Duel Monsters founded by Seto Kaiba of the original anime. He is placed in Slifer Red dormitory (the lowest ranking), but during the series he is chosen as one of Duel Academy's best duelists. He later gains the Neo-Spacian and Elemental Hero Neos cards, which become his signature monsters. In the third series, Jaden discovers that his childhood favourite card, Yubel, has turned evil and is being cured by a guest teacher, Professor Viper. Yubel transports Duel Academy to an alternate dimension, where Jaden becomes an evil spirit called the Supreme King. Once healed, he gains the powers of Yubel and the Supreme King.

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... During the first year, Jaden plays an Elemental HERO deck composed of the eponymous series of monsters, Spell and Trap Cards and that support them, as well as his "partner" Winged Kuriboh which he received from Yugi ... Jaden's strategy was based on the various Fusions that were created through combination of the Elemental Hero cards ... had a Fusion of some sort with another, giving the card Polymerization premier importance in Jaden's deck (Bastian once sealing it in order to exploit the flaw in Jaden's deck ...
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... Jaden Yuki / Judai Yuki (遊城十代, Yūki Jūdai?) Voiced by KENN, Mariko Nagahama (young) (Japanese), Matthew Charles (English) Jaden Yuki is the main ... young boy who enrolls into Duel Academy with Jaden, quickly taking a liking to him (calling him 'aniki' in the Japanese version.) He often doubts himself, living in the shadow ... Chazz is initially portrayed as an antagonist but eventually serves as one of Jaden Yuki's rivals throughout the series ...