Jaap Sahib - Summary - 103. Bhagvati Style of Verses, Uttered By Thy Grace

103. Bhagvati Style of Verses, Uttered By Thy Grace

103. O Lord, Imperishable is Thy kingdom, Indefilable is Thy form, Indestructible are Thy deeds, Impenetrable Thy illusion.

104. O Lord Detached from the world Thou createth, Capable of extinguishing the blazing sun, Ever detached, Thou art the Creator of all powers.

105. O Lord, Thou art the glory of all kings, The flag bearer of true faith, Beyond grief or sorrow. Thou adorn and sustain the universe.

106. O Lord, Thou art the Creator of the world and Bravest of the brave. All-pervading Supreme Spirit, Thy realisation is bliss unrivalled.

107. O Lord, The Supreme and Primal God, Beyond all mysteries, Thou hast no form and art Thine own master.

108. O Lord, Thou art the Giver of sustenance to all, Thou art the merciful Emancipator, Ever immaculate, without any blemish, Thou art invisible and mysterious.

109. O Lord, Thou art the Forgiver of sins, King of kings, The Cause of all actions, providing sustenance to Everyone

110. Thou art the merciful Provider of sustenance, And the ever gracious Fount of compassion. Thou art the Source of all arts and powers, and also the Chastiser and Annihilator.

111. O Lord, Worshipped everywhere, Thou art the Giver of all things, Present everywhere, Thou resideth in all things

112. O Lord, Thou art present in all lands and in all forms, Thine is the kingdom everywhere, Thou art the Creator of the universe.

113. O Lord, Everywhere Thou art the Giver, and Thou permeate all things. Everywhere is Thy glory and Thou light up all things.

114. O Lord, Thou art present in all lands and in all forms, Thou art the Annihilator everywhere, and the Sustainer everywhere.

115. O Lord, Everywhere Thou art the ultimate Annihilator, Everything is within Thy reach and knowledge, Everywhere Thou art manifest in varied forms, Everywhere Thou art the gracious Seer.

116. O Lord, Thou art the Doer of all deeds Thy kingdom reaches everywhere. Thou art the Annihilator of everything, and Thou art the Sustainer everywhere.

117. O Lord, Thou art the Almighty Reliever of misery, Thou art the very Breath of life, Thou art present in all lands, Thou art manifest in all forms.

118. O Lord Adored everywhere, Thou art ever the Supreme Master, Everywhere is Thy Name chanted and Thy kingdom established everywhere.

119. O Lord, Thou art like the Sun spreading light everywhere, Thine is the glory acknowledged everywhere. Thou art the supreme God of all gods, Thou art the Lord of all moons and planets.

120. O Lord, Thy Word inspires all Creation, Thou art the supreme Fount of all Wisdom.. Thou art supreme in wisdom and enlightenment, Thou art the Lord of all scriptures.

121. O Lord, Thou art the essence of all beauty, and the Centre of all attraction, Eternal is Thy peace and everlasting Thy creation.

122. O Lord, Thou art the Vanquisher of the tyrants and Protector of the poor, Lofty is Thy mansion, Heaven and Earth Thy kingdom

123. O Lord, Thou grantest wisdom to all, Thou art the Centre of all meditation, Thou art the perfect Friend and surest Provider of sustenance.

124. O Lord, Thou art like an ocean with countless waves Ever mysterious, ever imperishable, Thou art the Saviour of Thy devotees and Chastiser of their enemies.

125. O Lord, Indescribable is Thy form, Transcendent is Thy power, All revel in Thy glory, Imminent in all is Thy nectar.

126. O Lord, Eternal is Thy existence, Ever mysterious and incomparable. Thou art the Vanquisher of all, Thou art the Creator of all.

127. O Lord, Protector of all, Thou art free of all desires, Of imperishable form, Thou art unfathomable and incomparable.

128. O Lord, Om is Thy primal manifestation, but Thy existence has no beginning Without a body, without a name, Thou art the Annihilator and the Fulfiller everywhere.

129. O Lord, Blesser of the three boons, Master of the three worlds, Thou art imperishable and unfathomable. Benevolent Ordainer of everyone's fate, Thou art manifest as Love everywhere.

130. O Lord, Reveller of the three worlds, None can penetrate or touch Thee. Destroyer of all, Thou abidest in all universe.

131. O Lord, Of indescribable glory, Thou art ever Eternal. Detached from the material world, Thou sublimely permeate the universe.

132. O Lord, Thou art ever beyond description, Thy splendour transcends the universe. Indescribable is Thy form Thou sublimely permeate the universe.

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    For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.
    For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory:
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