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Sub Regions

Tyne Tees operated two sub-regional news programmes for the latter part of its life. An opt-out was used from the main North East Tonight bulletin that would feature news from each area. These two sub-opts were:

  • Tyne Tees North - Broadcasting from the Pontop Pike and Chatton transmitters to viewers in Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. Bulletin presented by normal team from Newcastle Studio.
  • Tyne Tees South - Broadcasting from the Bilsdale transmitter to viewers in County Durham, North Yorkshire and the Tees Valley. Other presenter used for first fifteen minutes.

As part of a cost saving initiative within ITV plc, Michael Grade announced in 2007 that the regional news service would be reduced from seventeen distinct news programmes and services to nine, affecting all the sub-regional services. As a result, all Tyne Tees sub-opts were ceased immediately. As part of the same plans, he also announced that Tyne Tees would be merged with Border Television, subject to Ofcom approval which occurred the following year, resulting in one large programme covering both regions.

As a result, news for the Tyne Tees region now consists of a fifteen minute opt out at the start of the main programme, with pan regional news and feaures after. The name North East Tonight was retained for the opt out segment only.

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