Islands in The River Thames

This article lists the islands in the River Thames, in England. It excludes many of the smaller lock islands that were created when weirs and locks were built, and also some very small islands that immediately adjoin the larger ones. The Isle of Dogs and Isle of Grain are no longer islands although their names remain. Westminster used to be on an island called Thorney Island. Some other so-called islands are also now just promontories, often marked by a small ditch.

Most of the islands are natural, but a few were created by rerouting of the navigation channel. Many Thames islands are called "aits" or "eyots". Aits are usually longer thinner islands that have built up through an accumulation of silt.

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... construction of almost all locks on the Thames involved one or more artificial lock islands separating the lock from the weirs ... been created by building an artificial island in the river or by digging an artificial canal to contain the lock and turning the land between that and ... In many cases the lock island contains the lock keeper's house and can be accessed across the lock gates ...

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